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Moscow International Festival "Virtuosos of guitar"
08 March 2007 - 29 March 2007

SCHEDULE 08 March 2007 - 29 March 2007

At festival for the first time in Moscow world famous musicians will act:

Pablo Sayns Viliegas (Spain) - the winner, at least, 14 international competitions, the owner of 25 various awards.
Roman Viasovsky (Ukraine-Germany) - the winner of 13 competitions, including GFA in Montreal, the Guitar forum in the Vein, etc.
Christian Gruber and Peter Maklar (Germany) together work since 1985. According to the known composer and guitarist Dushana Bogdanovich, this duet - "the best, that the chamber ensemble of guitars can offer today".
Goran Krivokapich (Montenegro) studied in Belgrad, Germany (at R.Ausselja) and the Netherlands (at K.Markione), 14 times was the winner of the international competitions, among which prestigious competitions - Guitar Foundation of America in Montreal (Canada), etc.
Geremi Juv (France), studied at A.Ponse and R.Diensa, the winner of prestigious competitions in Tichi(Poland) and Guitar Foundation of America in Merida (Mexico).
4-TISSIMO Guitar Quartet in structure of which musicians from Ukraine act, Belarus and Russia living in Germany.
Listeners again will hear Italian guitarist Flavio of the Bacon which has won love of the Moscow public at the previous festival.
The domestic school is represented by the best Russian guitarists: Artem Dervoed, Alexey Zimakov, Dmitry Illarionov, Dmitry Tatarkin and Evgenie Finkelstein.
Besides guitar classics, almost in each concert of festival of listeners the Moscow and Russian premiere wait.

SCHEDULE 08 March 2007 - 29 March 2007

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