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Concert State Academic N.S. Nadezhdina Choreographic Ensemble “Berezka”
Moscow International Musical Arts Center. Grand Hall

Schedule for State Academic N.S. Nadezhdina Choreographic Ensemble “Berezka” 2022

State Academic Choreographic Ensemble "Berezka" named after N.S. Nadezhdina is a world-famous collective that has become the true heritage of our country. The distinctive qualities of "Berezka" are expressed in the combination of classical dance with the poetry of an old round dance.

The “visiting card” of the ensemble is a girl’s round dance on the theme of the Russian folk song “In The Field Stood a Birch Tree”, which for more than half a century has fascinated the audience with its outlandish, “floating” step. But over the years, according to the press, the dances of the ensemble "Berezka" have passed with this signature step a distance exceeding the length of the equator!

Waltz “Berezka”, dance “Rechenka”, “Kalinka”, square dance “Khokhloma bench”, “Russian dance with a scarf”, “Festive dance”, “Carousel” and many other ensemble programs are known and loved by spectators of different generations. “At the center of any of our work,” said the founder of the ensemble N.S. Nadezhdina, whether it be a lyrical dance or a merry dance, is a poetic image of a Russian girl ... We want to reflect as clearly as possible the purity and grandeur of Russian folk art. ”


World-renowned State Academic Choreoraphic Ensembele “Berezka” was organized in 1948 by the outstanding choreographer of the 20th century Nadezhda Nadezhdina. As a
person of high culture and erudition, she recognized all the diversity of Russian folklore and looked at it with the eyes of the poet.
“Berezka” has gained immediate popularity. Its frequent tours round the Soviet Union were a triumphant success, and its tours round the globe brought the ensemble world acclaim. In the Cold War era, foreign journalists wrote that the ensemble performances were like a “burning sensation” and specified that the art created by “Berezka” is humane and divine, ”it stimulates good feelings and faith in fraternity among people”. The Word Peace Council awarded “Berezka” the Golden World Award as far back as 1959.
As quoted by the press, over 67 years of the troupe’s performances, “Berezka’s khorovods (circle dances) have covered a distance equal to the length of the equator in a fancy floating step”.

Schedule for State Academic N.S. Nadezhdina Choreographic Ensemble “Berezka” 2022

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