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State Academic Theater of Classical Ballet N. Kasatkina and V. Vasileva (Ballet company)

The unique author's ballet theater - the State Academic Theater of Classical Ballet under the direction of Natalia Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilev - is loved by audiences from different generations and different countries.

The team was created in 1966 by an outstanding choreographer, the head of the famous State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble, legendary Igor Alexandrovich Moiseyev. Igor Alexandrovich felt the need for the appearance in the country of an ensemble of classical ballet, a troupe that would be dynamic, mobile, could represent the ballet classics where there are no stationary opera and ballet theaters. The initial repertoire was built from fragments of classical ballets and ballet miniatures staged by Kasian Goleizovsky, Leonid Yakobson, and Igor Moiseyev himself.

In 1977, at the suggestion of Igor Alexandrovich Moiseyev, Natalia Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilev, soloists of the Bolshoi Theater and choreographers, who clearly declared themselves as inspirational innovators, at the same time firmly standing on great classical traditions, came to the artistic leadership of the troupe. Igor Moiseev highly appreciated their work, often recommended their performances for inclusion in foreign tours. The arrival of new leaders fundamentally changed the creative direction of the troupe, which, retaining its dynamism and mobility, turned from a concert group into a full-fledged theater, which firmly occupies its place among the leading ballet troupes of Russia.

For four decades, outstanding choreographers have created an interesting repertoire that includes original versions of great classical ballets, careful historical reconstructions, but it is always based on original works by choreographers themselves - ballet incarnations of classical and modern music, many of which were world premieres.

The troupe of the theater is famous for its wonderful soloists, who work under the guidance of remarkable teachers and tutors, who in the past were leading soloists of the Bolshoi Theater, who convey the best traditions of the national ballet school. Several generations of highly professional ballet dancers were brought up in the theater, many of whom won prestigious international awards, including awards from the Paris Academy of Dance, winners of prestigious ballet competitions, and real stars of not only the Russian, but also the world stage.

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