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XIII International Tchaikovsky Competition
13 June 2007 - 30 June 2007

SCHEDULE 13 June 2007 - 30 June 2007

The XIII international competition P.I. Tschaikovsky takes place in Moscow from 13 to 30 June, 2007.
In halls of the Moscow state conservatory im. P.I. Tschaikovsky it will pass the competition of pianists and violoncellists, in the Moscow international house of music - competition of violinists, in the hall P.I. of Tschaikovsky of Moscow state academic philharmonic society - competition of vocalists.

XIII International Tchaikovsky Competition One of the most authoritative world musical events will take place in Moscow for the thirteenth time from 13 to 30 June, 2007. The Minister of Culture and Public Relations of the RF A.S. Sokolov, who is now the Vice-President of the Organizing Committee of the XIII competition, called this event a precious tradition. It was Tchaikovsky Competition that gave a good start in life to many famous musicians. And the names of many laureates have appeared afterwards on the billboards world-wide.

The first Moscow Tchaikovsky Competition took place in 1958. It was decided to name it after Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky because it was this great Russian composer who played a special role in musical art. Many of Tchaikovskys compositions are included into the golden collection of performing and pedagogical repertoire, their masterly performance implied by the program of the forthcoming competition.

Throughout the 48-year history of the International Tchaikovsky Competition, it has remained the most famous and prestigious music competition in the world. Each Competition has been an exciting celebration of artistic endeavor and international cultural exchange.

Some of the greatest musical artists of Russia such as D. Shostakovich, D. Ois-trakh, E. Gilels, A. Sveshnikov, M. Rostoropovich, D. Shafran, T. Khren-nikov, I. Arkhipova, L. Kogan, O. Tak-takishvili, T. Nikolaeva, K. Ivanov, K. Kondrashin, E. Svetlanov, G. Rozhdest-vensky, D. Kitaenko and V. Fedoseev have contributed to the past successes of this Competition.
The authoritative juries of past Competitions have also been honored by the participation of prominent musicians from around the world. J. Szigeti, . Zimbalist, N. Boulanger, G. Neugaus, L. Oborin, Ya. Flier, S. Richter, Eu. Liszt, M. Marechal, P. Fournier, G. Cassado, G. Pyatigorsky and D. London are just a few examples of the distinguished names who have served as jurors in the past.

For the hundreds of young competitors from around the world, the Competition represents an opportunity to polish their skills and challenge the high artistic standards and traditions set by their venerable predecessors.

The high level of the International Tchaikovsky Competition is evidenced by the many past laureates who went on to great careers as world-class musicians in classical music after winning the laurels in Moscow.
Winners in the piano category include well-known names such as V. Cliburn, L. Vlasenko, N. Shtarkman, D. Pollack, V. Ashkenazi, J. Ogdon, G. Sokolov, M. Dichter. V. Krainev, J. bill, A. Gavrilov, M. Pletnev, P. Donohoe and B. Douglas. Among the violin laureates who continued to win fame on the concert stage are V. Klimov. V. Tretyakov, M. Ushioda, G. Kremer, V. Spivakov, M. Fujikawa, L. lsakadze. I. Grubert, E. Oliveira, M. Martin. V. Mullova, S. Stadler, I. Kaler and R. Oleg.
Fans of the cello will immediately recognize the names of N. Shakhovskaya. L. Parnas, V. Feigin. N. Gutman, K. Georgian, S. Kates, A. Noras. D. Geringas, K. Iwasaki. X. Rosen. M. Fujiwara, A. Meneses, A Rudin. M. Brunello all past laureates
And in the vocal category, J. Marsh. Y. Afbatov, E. Obraztsova, T. Sinyavskaya, E. Nesterenko, Z. Sotkilava, V. Pvavko. N. Ogrenich, S. Sass, P. Dvorski and many others were first introduced to the world as laureates of the Tchaikovsky Competition.

The International Tchaikovsky Competitions are so much more than the fireworks of intense artistic competition, the flame of inspiration and a venue to seek laurels. It is also a forum for musicians of different ages and nationalities where they can exchange experiences a giant school where the future development of the performing arts is shaped.

Mstislav Rostropovich
Mstislav Leopoldovich Rostropovich
President of the Competition,
President of the Organizing Committee of the Competition
President of the Charity Fund Vishnevskaya and Rostropovich



SCHEDULE 13 June 2007 - 30 June 2007

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