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10 April 2019 (Wed), 19:00 Great State Classical Moscow Circus (established 1971) - Show Circus performance "Sand Tale"

Schedule for Circus performance "Sand Tale" 2021-2022

The Moscow Circus is amazing. It was very entertaining. Probably the most talented performers out of any circus. This Circus show is very athletic with shows of strength mixed with dancing, clowns and animals and amazing costumes!

The Lonely Traveler wandered through the vast wilderness for a week and had already lost all hope of salvation. The mobile phone could not help because of the enormous distance from the places of civilization, the water in the flask remained for one sip, and the sun was so hot that reality was confused with mirages. And then he found her. No, no, not "Aladdin's Lamp", but only half of the Lamp.

But this was enough to get into an ancient fairy tale. Rather, in its continuation. Of course, everyone in the world knows the story of Aladdin and Gina from Lamp, and we want to tell the continuation of this fascinating tale ...

A long time ago, many centuries ago, Aladdin and Princess Jasmine became spouses and ruled their Eastern state with dignity. The evil Wizard Jafar was imprisoned in a magical Hourglass and buried deep in the desert. The Magic Lamp was split into two parts - one part was kept in the palace of Princess Jasmine, and the second in the depths of one of the infinite number of sand dunes of the Arabian desert.

This is the half of the Lamp and found a lonely, lost traveller. From this moment our story begins. Although in the hands of our hero was only half of the Magic Lamp, but she did not lose her amazing qualities. As soon as the Traveler wiped out the sand from its surface, miracles poured out of a horn of plenty.

Time swung back and the Magic Hourglass rose from the womb of the desert. The Evil Sorcerer Jafar, sharpened in them, pretending to be a miserable prisoner, was able to swap places with the simple-minded Traveler by cunning and, seething with anger and hatred for everything in the world, decided to fulfil his long-time dream of mastering the Magic Lamp.

Full of extraordinary adventure story unfolds before the eyes of enthusiastic spectators. On the one hand, the Evil Warlock Jafar and his dark army of mystical creatures of the sultry desert, scarab beetles, scorpion warriors, two-faced sand spirits. And on the other hand, the brave Traveler and Gene from the Lamp, or rather Paul-Jean from half of the Lamp.

Wherever our friends have not been in search of sacred artefacts that give power over inhuman malice and cunning, but in the end, friendship, bravery and dedication could help them cope with all obstacles and misadventures. As in all old fairy tales, good triumphed over evil and all lived happily ever after.

And again we see the lonely Traveler in the endless desert. No hope of salvation, and in his hands half of the Magic Lamp. Did he see this whole wonderful story or it was real ... And only the sultry wind howls among the vast sand dunes of the desert burned by the sun.

Schedule for Circus performance "Sand Tale" 2021-2022

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