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19 April 2022 (Tue), 19:00 Moscow Kremlin Theatre of Classical Russian Ballet - Classical Ballet P. I. Tchaikovsky "Sleeping Beauty" (Ballet in 2 acts). State Academic Theatre of Classical Ballet Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilev

Schedule for P. I. Tchaikovsky "Sleeping Beauty" (Ballet in 2 acts). State Academic Theatre of Classical Ballet Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilev 2022

Composer: Peter Tchaikovsky
Ballet company: State Academic Theater of Classical Ballet N. Kasatkina and V. Vasileva

Classical Ballet in 2 acts

Choreography by Marius Petipa, Natalia Kasatkina, Vladimir Vasilyov
Libretto by Charles Perrault fairy tales - Natalia Kasatkina, Vladimir Vasilyov
Scenery and costumes designer – Elizaveta Dvorkina


The palace of King Florestan was full of festive excitement: preparations for the 17th birthday of Princess Aurora were in full swing. Catalabutte, the Butler, was off his feet, having been receiving numerous guests since morning. Until Aurora awoke, the King and Queen had received congratulations.
Soon the most long-awaited guest appeared – the Lilac Fairy, Aurora’s main godmother. She was followed by princes from neighboring kingdoms, suitors for the girl’s hand. Each of them dreamed of meeting Aurora: word of the most beautiful of the princesses had spread far beyond the borders of the Kingdom of Florestan.

Finally, the birthday girl fluttered out to the guests, but immediately went still under the gaze of a beautiful young man – Prince Désiré. No matter how strict parents demanded to pay attention to all the suitors, they already understood it too: the Prince and Aurora were overtaken by love at first sight.

The joyful mood was broken by disturbing news: the fairy Carabosse – the most formidable and treacherous fairy of the Kingdom – had arrived. Catalabutte in terror grabbed his head: how could he have made such a mistake! It was on him that the uninvited guest turned her wrath, and with a laugh she pulled the last hair from his poor head. When she finished with the Butler, Carabosse turned to the King and Queen: “Let Aurora accept my good gift as well. So that nothing can darken the happiness of your daughter, the moment a spindle pricks at least the tip of her finger, she will fall into an eternal sleep!” A wave of horror swept through the hall. Then the Lilac Fairy stepped forward: “the Princess will fall asleep, but her sleep will not be eternal. The true love’s kiss will wake her up!” Immediately, in order to save his daughter from a terrible curse, Florestan ordered to destroy all spinning wheels, knitting and sewing needles in the Kingdom.

Meanwhile, all the guests had arrived, and the party began. The Princess was happily accepting congratulations, when suddenly the smile disappeared from her face, and a sharp knitting needle appeared in her open palm… It was Carabosse in male robes who handed the Princess a deadly gift hidden in a bouquet of flowers. The King and Queen clutched their hearts in horror, and Désiré, drawing his sword, rushed after the laughing villain. “The Princess did not die, but only fell asleep,” the Lilac Fairy reassured her heartbroken parents. “But when she wakes up, everything will remain the same.” With a wave of a magic wand, the King, the Queen and all the courtiers fell asleep. Everything froze: trees, flowers in flower beds and even water in the fountain. In the place of the once beautiful garden, the saddened Désiré found only dark dense thickets.

Time passed, but it could not heal Désiré’s broken heart. The courtiers started a bear hunt to entertain the young master, but the inconsolable young man did not want to have fun. Surrendered to gloomy thoughts, he imperceptibly fell asleep in the dense shade of trees. And he had a wondrous vision: the bright Lilac Fairy surrounded by good spirits, and with her – the beautiful Aurora. “The path to your Princess lies through the ages,” the good Lilac Fairy warned Désiré. “But if you find and kiss Aurora, the curse will fall.”

The uninvited Carabosse did not fail to add that Désiré would age by the same number of years as his journey would last. Aurora would wake up, but he would die. The Prince, without hesitation, embarked on a journey along the River of Time. The moon’s silver light illuminated his path, and the Zodiac constellations in the night sky indicated the way. Either hours or years passed – time dissolved in the mirror-like surface of the magic river. Carabosse had not deceived him: when Désiré reached the goal, he was a decrepit old man.

Instead of the beautiful palace of Florestan, the Prince saw gloomy ruins, and beyond the ice curtain – the motionless figure of the sleeping Aurora. With the last of his strength, he rushed to her and hid her from Carabosse, who was already raising a sharp spindle over the girl. Having kissed the Princess, the exhausted Désiré collapsed at her feet. At the same moment, as predicted, the evil spell was broken. The Princess woke up, and with her the whole sleeping Kingdom woke up. Aurora rushed to her savior, but the King and Queen blocked her way, and all the courtiers with them: no one wanted the Princess to see a gray-haired old man instead of a handsome young man. However, every fairy tale should have a happy ending: a wave of the good Fairy’s magic wand restored Prince’s youth and beauty.

Many guests gathered at the wedding of Aurora and Désiré: the Bluebird and Princess Florine, Puss in Boots and the White Cat, Little Red Riding Hood and the Gray Wolf, Tom Thumb and his brothers, the Ogre and even Bluebeard himself. That evening, the Kingdom rejoiced: love, as it should, defeated the darkness, and the usual joyful order of things was restored.

Schedule for P. I. Tchaikovsky "Sleeping Beauty" (Ballet in 2 acts). State Academic Theatre of Classical Ballet Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilev 2022

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