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27 August 2019 (Tue), 19:00 Moscow theatre "New Opera" - Classical Ballet A.Khachaturyan "Spartacus" (Ballet in two acts)

Running time: 2 hours

The performance has 1 intermission

Schedule for A.Khachaturyan "Spartacus" (Ballet in two acts) 2020

Composer: Aram Khachaturian
Stage Director: Natalia Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilev
Choreography: Natalia Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilev
Costume Designer: Elizaveta Dvorkina
Scenography: S.Sumbatashvili

Orchestra: Symphony Orchestra of the "New Opera" Theatre

Classical Ballet in 2 act

The Kasatkina and Vasilyov State Academic Classical Ballet Theatre
(Moscow Classical Ballet)


Introduction "The Song about the Hero"

Act One

Scene 1
Appearing of Spartacus

Spartacus is fighting against numerous enemies at the field alone. Wounded, he is taken prisoner by the Romans.

Scene 2
Kraass’s triumph

Ex-dictator Luscious Cornelius Sulla watches the Roman army parade in the Coliseum. A slave Greek dancer Avreia plays Victoria Goddess and mime Metrobius plays Mars at the ceremony. Mark Lucinius Kraass’s concubine, Evtibide, an Amazon is among the winners. Kraass, a successful commander, drives in Spartacus to public. He is in ropes. Avrelia rushes to Spartacus; she recognizes her beloved in him.

Gladiators’ fights continue the victory day. Andabaths, Retiary and Mirmillion, Fracas and Samnitis are there.

Kraass makes unarmed Spartacus fight against several rivals. Spartacus wins, but asks to keep defeated gladiators alive. He is in ropes again. Evtibida dancing the dance of “The Roman Wolf” takes the ropes away and leads Kraass away from the Coliseum. The saved gladiators Kriks, Gannik and Kass rush to Spartacus.

Scene 3
The plot

Slaves, citizens, mimes and beggars gather in the tavern “Venus Libitin”. They are treated by its hostess Lutasia One-eyed and her two servants. Spartacus with friends enters. He calls everybody to the rebellion. All the visitors support him with enthusiasm.

Scene 4
Spartacus’s and Aurelia’s date

Spartacus secretly meets Avrelia in a Roman street. Patricians, invited to ex-dictator’s Sulla festive pass by them. Kraass, accompanied by Metrobius, is brought in on stretcher. Avrelia has to join Evtipida’s suite. Spartacus doesn’t want to attract attention of this capricious woman.

Scene 5
Ex-dictator’s festive

The most famous patricians and women gathered in Roman patio.

Ex-dictator Sulla has prepared a performance for them. Mimes and Metrobius dance, Kraass, Metrobius and Evtibide try to involve Avrelia in their erotic games. But the rest manages to escape. Avrelia, Methrobius and mimes dance an ethruss dance. The spartacians rush into the patio during the gaditian snakes dance.

They burn the hall by torches. Spartacus lets Evtibida and other women go. She takes Kraass and Methrobius from terms and hides them among gaditian dames and slaves. Rebels proclaim Spartacus their leader.

Act Two "The Victory Song"

Scene 6
Spartacus army training and the battle

Spartacus’s camp. Gladiators train the slaves the Roman array. Warriors learn to fight with different armament; slaves become a really well-trained army. It’s a battle with Romans. The spartacians win. Evtibide makes Spartacus a declaration of love. But he stays indifferent to her. Evtibide makes an attempt to kill him and swears to take revenge.

Scene 7
Kraass’s defeat

Kraass is in a fury. He kills his retreating warriors and tries to force discipline. Evtibide carries him away to a forbidden Egypt occult cathedral in Rome.

Scene 8

In the Egypt cathedral Evtibide dances a ritual dance. So that to implore the victory to the Roman army from Isida, she kills a vestal virgin and cleans Kraass’s sword with it.

Scene 9
A revolt in Spartacus’s camp

The slaves are intoxicated with the victory. They beg and torture the captives, rape their wives and daughters. Spartacus interferes in it with fury and after it some of his people part from the army. They are leaded by his best friend Kriks. Their aim is Rome. But Spartacus is against that plan. He is determined to get free slaves to their places. But his companions force him to stay at their head.

Spartacus and Avrelia live through that night with the feeling of a soon death battle. "The Song of Love".

Scene 10
The last fight. "The Song of Immortality"

Spartacus and his army die in a bloody battle. Evtibide tries hard to hide her grief. Women-slaves mourn the loss of their beloved. Avrelia bids farewell to Spartacus.

Scene 11
Kraass’s triumph

Kraass’s chariot and Evtibide is carried by new slaves. The crowd welcomes the winners.

Schedule for A.Khachaturyan "Spartacus" (Ballet in two acts) 2020

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