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27 April 2022 (Wed), 19:00 Brilliant Classical Stanislavsky Ballet and Opera theatre (established 1887, founded by Stanislavsky) - Opera "Les Contes d`Hoffmann" (opera in 3 acts)

Running time: 2 hours 50 minutes (till 21:50)

The performance has 1 intermission

Schedule for "Les Contes d`Hoffmann" (opera in 3 acts) 2022

Composer: Jacques Offenbach
Light Designer: Damir Ismagilov
Designer: Valery Leventhal
Director: Alexander Titel
Music Director: Eugeny Brazhnik
Costume Designer: Valery Leventhal

Orchestra: Stanislavsky theatre symphony orchestra
Opera company: Stanislavsky opera

Opera in 3 act

Performed in French with synchronised Russian supertitles

Premiere of this production: 5 May 2011, Stanislavsky Ballet and Opera theatre, Moscow, Russia

Composer Jacques Offenbach
Musical Director and Conductor Eugeny Brazhnik
Stage Director Alexander Titel
Set Design Valery Levental
Genre opera
Number of acts 3
Language French
Premiere May 5, 2011




A cafe near the theatre where writer, artist and musician Hoffmann likes to go out. It's noisy and funny here. Here one can forget about their life problems.
Today they show "Don Giovanni" by Mozart. Stella, the opera diva, performs the part of Donna Anna. She has sent a letter with the key of her make-up room to Hoffmann who is in love with her. But it has been taken by adviser Lindorf who is also courting Stella.
Here arrive Hoffmann and his faithful companion Nicklausse. The cafe society expect an exciting evening: Hoffmann is well-known for his brilliance. Following advice of his friends he sings an ironic song about Kleinsack. But his thoughts are all about Stella. He starts mixing up the verses: now he is no longer singing about Kleinzach but about his beloved one. Nathanael, one of the poet’s friends, wonders: can it be that Hoffmann is in love? But the poet laughs at his question. The hitherto silent Lindorf takes up the conversation. He doubts it whether Hoffmann is capable of love at all. Offended by the remark, Hoffmann feels like telling about his love adventures. While romanticizing, he seems to guess who is his beloved Stella, who is the one that has embodied the poet’s “three souls, three hearts”. He begins his story, involving everyone in the action.


Spalanzani, the inventor, together with a mysterious optician Coppelius created an extraordinary girl Olympia. Hoffmann has seen her only once, in the window. But that was enough for the poet: he is in love. Hoping to meet Olympia, Hoffmann starts taking physics lessons by Spalanzani. Unexpectedly arrives Coppelius willing to get the money that Spalanzani owe him for his work. To get rid of Coppelius, Spalanzani gives him a check of a collapsed bank. Meanwhile Coppelius sells magic glasses to Hoffmann. By putting them on, he finds Olympia even more beautiful.
It is time to show everyone the talents of Olympia. The invitees are listening to a charming song performed by Olympia. Hoffmann is fascinated by her voice, he tells Olympia about his love for her. The girl answers with curt phrases but the magic glasses do their job… Back comes the furious Coppelius. He realized that he had been deceived by Spalanzani and decides to take revenge.
Dances start. Olympia is spinning faster and faster. Hoffmann is not able to stop this crazy dance. The visitors are delighted with the evening. But suddenly a scandal takes place – Coppelius has broken Olympia. Hoffmann is desperated – he realizes that he has been in love with a machine...


Venice. Hoffmann and Nicklausse are being entertained by an actress and courtesan whose name is Giulietta. Schlemil, Giulietta 's love, is jealous of Hoffmann. But the poet believes to be indifferent to the charms of Giulietta: «How can you love courtesans?» These words are heard by Dapertutto. He tells Giulietta to seduce Hoffmann and steal his reflection by means of a magic diamond. Once Hoffmann has lost his reflection, he will be at the mercy of Dapertutto, just as Schlemil. Following the bad will, Giulietta seduces Hoffmann and gets his reflection.
To take the key of Giulietta's bedroom, Hoffmann kills Schlemil at a duel. Hoffmann runs after the courtesan but sees only a gondola going away: Giulietta preferred a new lover Pitichinaccio to the poet.


A house of Crespel, the violin maker, in a provincial German town. Here, secretly he has brought his daughter Antonia who dreams of stage. She inherited a unique voice from her mother who was a famous singer. But along with the voice Antonia has taken a painful illness that had brought her mother to death. Singing can accelerate the tragic end. Crespel hopes to hide his daughter from the terrible Dr. Miracle that killed her mother, as well as from the influence of Hoffmann who is in love with Antonia and encouraged her to study music.
But Hoffmann still manages to find Antonia, as well as Miracle does. Accidentally Hoffmann hears the conversation of Crespel with Miracle and finds out that Antonia is ill. He takes her promise to give up singing, the dreams of the stage and dedicate her life to the family.
After Hoffmann has left, appears Miracle. He tempts Antonia by the dreams of stardom of a famous singer, flowers and applause. Antonia seems to be called to the stage by her mother. Under a hellish accompaniment of Miracle she sings more and more passionately, and soon falls dead.
Crespel tries to save his daughter but in vain...


The story of Hoffmann is finished. Over is the play at the theatre. Stella enters the cafe but in vain she seeks for Hoffmann…

Schedule for "Les Contes d`Hoffmann" (opera in 3 acts) 2022

"Les Contes d`Hoffmann" (opera in 3 acts)
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The Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theatre
"Les Contes d`Hoffmann" (opera in 3 acts)

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