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21 March 2022 (Mon), 19:00 Brilliant Classical Stanislavsky Ballet and Opera theatre (established 1887, founded by Stanislavsky) - Modern Ballet Alexander Ekman`s "Tyll", Andrey Kaydanovskiy`s "Tea or coffee?" and Ohad Naharin`s "Minus 16"

Running time: 2 hours 35 minute (till 21:35)

The performance has 2 intermissions

Schedule for Alexander Ekman`s "Tyll", Andrey Kaydanovskiy`s "Tea or coffee?" and Ohad Naharin`s "Minus 16" 2022

Choreography: Alexander Ekman
Choreography: Ohad Naharin
Choreography: Andrey Kaydanovskiy

Orchestra: Stanislavsky theatre symphony orchestra
Ballet company: Stanislavsky ballet

Premiere of this production: 18 November 2020

Tyll is a love-filled reflection on classical ballet, in which Alexander Ekman explores what ballet is and where it came from. Ekman even decided to call himself "baleographer" because he uses borrowed choreographic language. The choreography of this performance is more a mosaic than a composition of new movements. The electronic score based on the music of famous ballets was created by the New York composer Mikael Karlsson. This is Ekman's first production where he used pointe dance and classical ballet vocabulary as the basis of his choreography.


Andrey Kaidanovsky loudly declared himself in 2016, presenting to the public and critics his work "Tea or Coffee?" within the framework of the project "Point of intersection" of the Musical Theater named after Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko. The production immediately gained great success, was repeatedly resumed on the Small Stage, and the choreographer himself began to regularly collaborate with the theater - in 2018, the Pajama Party entered the repertoire, and in 2019 the director created a special number to Tchaikovsky's music for the theater's anniversary evening. Now the artistic director of the ballet troupe Laurent Hilaire decided to show it on the Main Stage, framing it with opuses by Alexander Ekman and Ohad Naharin.


Ohad Naharin's performances are loved by audiences and artists all over the world. In Minus 16, he destroys the boundary between the stage and the audience, making the audience not only witnesses, but also participants in the performance. Coming to the first production of Naharin's ballet in Russia, the dancers of the ballet troupe learned with interest the dance language of Gaga, developed by an Israeli choreographer, and are now ready to share the joy of discovery with the Moscow audience.

Schedule for Alexander Ekman`s "Tyll", Andrey Kaydanovskiy`s "Tea or coffee?" and Ohad Naharin`s "Minus 16" 2022

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