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Boris Tevlin (Conductor)

Boris Grigorevich Tevlin (it were borne on 12 July by 1931, Saratov) - choral conductor, professor (1981), chairman of department of the choral conducting of the Moscow state conservatory im. The the p.I.Chaykovskogo (beginning from 1993).

In 1952 Boris tevlin finished the dirijersko- choral department of musical school with the Moscow conservatory (cl. of prep. By e. n. zverev); in 1957 - Moscow conservatory: as choral conductor (cl. Prof. v. p. mukhin) and organist (cl. Prof. a. f. gedike) in 1962 finished graduate study (leader professor A. V. sveshnikov).

In 1959 it began to teach in the Moscow conservatory. The professional dirizherskaya activity Of b. tevlin since 1953 is connected from the mansions of the students of Moscow VUZ - Institute of Higher Education with the conservatory (from 1960 - Moscow chorus of young people and students with the All-Russian choral society), which Boris tevlin led for 40 years. Chorus conquered a number of rewards at the international competitions. Including: 2 silver medals (polyphony, folklore) at 18 international competition it is choral im. Guido dAretstso (Italy, 1970); Gold medal and large prize at the international competition Of "tallinn-"2 "(Estonia); The gold medal of 8 international competitions is choral Varna (Bulgaria, 1975); Gold medal and Grand Prix at 28 international competition is choral in g. to crust (Ireland, 1981); two gold medals and silver on three nominations at the international competition is choral in g. tolose (Spain, 1989). The chorus of the students of Moscow VUZ - Institute of Higher Education with the conservatory under the management Of tevlina fulfilled compositions I. S. Bach, G. Handel, V. Mozart, D. palestriny, Zh. Gershwin, D. miyo, M. berezovskogo, D. bortnyanskogo, S. Prokofiev, S. Rakhmaninoff, S. balasanyan, R. Boyko, A. pirumova, A. lokshina, G. Sviridov, Vl. of agafonnikova, V. kalistratov, T. korganov, M. partskhaladzes, R. Shchedrin; the song of the composers A. babadzhanyan, V. muradeli, A. Ostrovskiy, 4. Frenkel, A. pakhmutovoy, S. tulikov, O. feltsman, A. flyarkovskiy.

From 1979 through 1991 Boris tevlin headed the chorus of the students of Moscow conservatory. Under Boris tevlins administration for the first time in the history of department began the wide concert activity of chorus as in THE USSR, so abroad. For 12 years the chorus yearly participated in the musical festivals "Moscow autumn", where for the first time carried out about 300 works for the chorus and cappella. In the number of authors, by the premiers of compositions of whom conducted B. tevlin, there were the well-known composers: 3. Denisov, Alfred to shnitke, K. volkov, V. kalistratov, R. Shchedrin et al. Into the repertoire of the chorus of conservatory entered also the large vocal- symphonic compositions of Bach, Beethoven, Handel, Mozart, Schubert, Rakhmaninoff, Prokofiev, Shostakovic. In 1987 Boris tevlin established the now famous mixed chorus of the conductor- choirmasters of Russia, while Russian- American chorus headed into 1994.

In 1994 professor Boris tevlin created the chamber chorus of Moscow conservatory, one of main directions of which became the performance of contemporary domestic and foreign music. Boris tevlin - leader of master- classes in Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Israel, China, USA, France. The chairman of the judges of All-Russian choral competitions "singing Russia", "sounds Moscow"; the member of the judges of the competition of choral conductors in Salavate (Bashkortostan); and also many foreign choral competitions, including of world choral Olympiads.

Boris tevlin the author of scientific methods and publicistic articles, reviews, creative portraits and recollections. In 2001 is published monographic publication "Boris tevlin. Choral ways "edited by the doctor of art study, the professor v. By s. tsenov. Diskografiya are included the models of choral music OF THE XVIII -.khkh is age-long, including of composition Of d.Bortnyanskogo, M.Berezovskogo, G.Gendelya, F.Shuberta, S.Taneyeva, A.Grechaninova, A.Arkhangelskogo, M.Musorgskogo, P.Chaykovskogo, N.Rimskogo-Korsakova, S.Rakhmaninova, D.Shostakovicha, S.Prokofeva, G.Sviridova, E.Denisova, A.Lemana, N.Sidelnikova, R.Ledeneva, V.Tormisa, To a.Lure, V.Suslina, S.Gubaydulinoy, V.Kalistratova and R.Shchedrina.

rewards and title

Boris tevlin - cavalier of the order Of pochet (2002) and order RPTS SV blagovernogo prince Danil moskovskiy III degree (2003), the laureate of the reward [ to guide ] rewards and title Boris tevlin - cavalier of the order Of pochet (2002) and order RPTS SV blagovernogo prince Danil moskovskiy III degree (2003), the laureate of the reward city of Moscow (1980), the Deputy Chairman of administration All-Russian musical Obshchestv (1978), the honorable citizen Sochi (1966), the active member of the academy of international informatizatsii (1995), academician (2004), the doctor of philosophy (2004), the member of the union of composers RF (1998).

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