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Sergei Tarasov (Piano soloist)

In January of 1988 in Voronezh at the All-Union pianists audition for the international competition "Prague Spring", a real revelation was the appearance of Sergei Tarasov, a student of the Central Music School at the Moscow Conservatory. The jury unanimously chose him out of 49 participants.

At the "Prague Spring" competition, Sergei Tarasov, competing with musicians from 26 countries, came first, becoming the youngest winner in the 40 year history of the festival.

Sergei Tarasov was born in Moscow in 1971 into a family of musicians. From the age of six he began to attend a music school where his first teacher was M. Yershova. In 1981, he entered the Central Music School.

Professor L. Naumov, after meeting Tarasov, made an exception for him, for the first time admitting to his renowned class such a young pianist.

Two years later, Sergei gave a brilliant performance of Concerto by Grieg with the Moscow Symphony Orchestra under V. Dudarova. Later, together with the orchestra, he played piano concertos by Mozart, Prokofiev and Rimsky-Korsakov.

The young pianist has already met music lovers in many countries. Sergei Tarasov has many years of creative life ahead of him. Professor L Naumov, RSFSR Merited Worker in the Arts, said of his pupil: "I am delighted by the rapid creative growth of Sergei Tarasov, who has already attained a considerable level of creative and artistic mastership. He has all the necessary abilities for further development - artistry, virtuosity and a desire for work."

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