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07 July 2023 (Fri), 19:00 Russian National Ballet Theatre - Classical Ballet Esmeralda

Running time: 1 hour 45 minutes (till 20:45)

The performance has 1 intermission

Schedule for Esmeralda 2022

Orchestra: Symphony orchestra of the Summer Ballet Seasons

Classical Ballet in 2 act

Composer - Cesare Pugni

Ballet in two acts. 
Running time − 1 hour 45 min. 
Libretto by K. Ivanov based on V. Hugo’s «Notre Dame de Paris».

Production by Konstantin Ivanov. 
Conductor − Ivan Egorov. 
Set Design by Konstantin Ivanov, Tatiana Gilyazova. 
Costume Designer − Tatiana Izycheva. 
Lighting Designer – Anatoly Nikolaev. 
Assistants of choreographer – Alla Alexandrova, Olga Komleva, Ksenia Tsaregorodseva.

Premiere − April 8, 2011 at the IX festival of ballet in honor of Galina Ulanova

The world premiere of the ballet took place in 1844 on the stage of London’s Royal opera house. The ballet was staged French choreographer Jules Perrot. In many theatre of the ballet is in three acts, with elements of romantic drama.

Konstantin Ivanov, a choreographer: 
«We went a little bit of history − closer to the novel by victor Hugo, closer to the drama, to human feelings, got a lot of unnecessary things, including the romantic movement of the performance – «The Dream of Esmeralda». Unlike other productions, we will use all the characters. Very often in the performances exclude the role of poet Gringoire, when it breaks down absolutely everything, break the story».



Act 1

Scene 1

Claude Frollo, the Archdeacon of Notre Dame de Paris, observes the beautiful Esmeralda dance on the square. He is deeply in love with her for a long time.

Scene 2

The Court of Miracles is a shelter for vagabonds, gypsies, beggars and thieves. The hunchback Quasimodo makes his appearance. The ringleader Clopin Trouillefou decides to announce him the King of Fools. Esmeralda presents her poor friends a stirring dance.

Esmeralda’s admirer, the poor poet Pierre Gringoire seeks Clopin’s protection, but he is caught by vagrants. Death threatens him if he does not pay a ransom.

Esmeralda stops Clopin and promises to marry Gringoire and entertain people with him in the streets.

Gudule, a poor woman, whose child was kidnapped long ago by gypsies, arrives on the square. She hates them a lot.

Night. The city guard drives the crowd away. The archdeacon Claude Frollo develops a cunning plan to abduct Esmeralda and involves Quasimodo there.

The watch with the officer Phoebus de Chateaupers at the head interrupts him and does not let these cunning plans to be realized.

Phoebus is captured by Esmeralda’s beauty and gives her a scarf presented to him by his bride Fleur de Lys. Esmeralda falls in love with the officer.

The guardians brutally beat Quasimodo. But Esmeralda pleads for him… Quasimodo is charmed by Esmeralda.

Scene 3

A garden in the house of Aloise de Gondelaurier. Her charming daughter Fleur de Lys dreams of marrying the poor officer Phoebus. But there is no engagement with her in Phoebus’ plans. Fleur de Lys and Phoebus’s friends have fun…

Act 2

Scene 4

From Aloise de Gondelaurier’s garden balcony Phoebus sees the beautiful Esmeralda. He orders to lead her in the house. Esmeralda is delighted to see Phoebus again. He does not hide his feelings for her. Phoebus’ courtesy to the dancer enrages Fleur de Lys and her friends. Phoebus appoints a date with Esmeralda.

Scene 5

Going to see Esmeralda, Phoebus meets the archdeacon Claude Frollo who offers him money for being secretly in the room where Phoebus’s date with Esmeralda will be. In the moment of the outraged passion the archdeacon daggers the officer Phoebus in the back. Esmeralda is caught. She will have to die.

On the square in front of the Cathedral there is a crowd of people with Quasimodo among them. He snatches Esmeralda out of the guard’s hands and brings her to a monastic cell of the Notre Dame Cathedral. Only there she can be saved.

Scene 6

Claude Frollo breaks into Esmeralda’s cell. He begs hr for love, proposes to run away from Paris. But Esmeralda is adamant. She is enraged. She cannot see the murdered of her beloved man.

Gringoire tells Claude Frollo that a crowd of the poor and vagabonds is ready to storm the Notre Dame Cathedral to take Esmeralda back.

Frollo runs away with Esmeralda from the Cathedral. Gringoire leaves them. Esmeralda refuses the archdeacon’s pleas for her love.

Claude Frollo throws the unlucky girl to the hands of the mad Gudule. In the wild terrible fight Gudule tears away a bootee from Esmeralda’s neck. The same one she wears for a long time on her neck. She has finally found her daughter.

There is a huge crowd of people and soldiers on the square. The survived officer Phoebus orders to catch Esmeralda. Esmeralda is happy, she sees her beloved man alive. But Phoebus’ cold heart is closed for her.

Esmeralda is executed… Then the archdeacon’s blood is shed. Quasimodo does not forgive his stepfather. He remains alone…

Schedule for Esmeralda 2022

"Esmeralda" (ballet in 3 acts)
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The Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theatre
"Esmeralda" (ballet in 3 acts)

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