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02 December 2017 (Sat), 14:00 World famous Bolshoi Ballet and Opera theatre (established 1776) - Small Stage - Classical Ballet Louis Herold "La Fille Mal Gardee (Vain Precautions)" (Ballet in two acts) Tickets available only at

Running time: 2 hours 10 minutes (till 16:10)

The performance has 1 intermission

Schedule for Louis Herold "La Fille Mal Gardee (Vain Precautions)" (Ballet in two acts) 2018/2019

Choreography: Yuri Grigorovich
Conductor: Igor Dronov
Music Director: Alexander Kopylov
Composer: Louis Herold
Choreography: Frederick Ashton
Set Designer: Osbert Lancaster
Producer: Alexander Marshall Grant
Balletmaster: Emilio Martins
Musical version: John Lanchbery
Artistic Director: Maestro Yuri Grigorovich
Dancer: Andrei Melanyin

Orchestra: Bolshoi Theatre Symphony Orchestra
Ballet company: Bolshoi Ballet

Classical Ballet in 2 act

Premiere of this production: 6 November 2009, Bolshoi theatre, Moscow, Russia

Additional information

  • Characters and performers

  • Synopsis

    Act I

    Scene 1
    Cockcrow at the start of a new day. Lise, a rebellious girl, is in love with Colas, a young farm worker, but her mother, Madame Simone, has more ambitious plans. Sent about her chores, Lise keeps leaving them to look for Colas. At last she succeeds in meeting him. But Madame Simone is too watchful: she finds the lovers and sends Colas away. The shy and simple-minded Alain is brought by his wealthy father Thomas to meet Lise as the prospective husband her mother favors.

    Scene 2
    The harvesters finish their work and amuse themselves by dancing. Lise prefers to dance with Colas. One of the peasants plays flute. Alain tries to show his abilities too but in vain: everybody laughs at him. Suddenly, a violent thunderstorm scatters everybody.

    Act II

    At home Lise is again put to work. While her mother dozes she spears to Colas through a broken panel in the locked door. At last Colas smuggles himself inside with the harvesters, who come for their wages. After the harvesters are paid, she goes out, firmly locking the door on the frustrated Lise, neither of them aware that Colas has hidden himself inside. Thinking herself alone, Lise imagines the bliss of marriage and motherhood, and becomes deeply embarrassed when Colas emerges, have observed her feelings. They declare love and exchange their scarfs, but are interrupted by the mothers return. Colas, looking in vain for a hiding place, takes refuge in a bedroom upstairs. Angry at Lise, her mother sends her to the same room to make herself ready for Alain and his father. They arrive with a marriage contract, which is signed before Lise is discovered in Colas arms. The marriage plans are abruptly ended. After begging the mother to forgive and bless them, she concedes.

    Schedule for Louis Herold "La Fille Mal Gardee (Vain Precautions)" (Ballet in two acts) 2018/2019

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