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25 March 2020 (Wed), 19:00 Moscow Kremlin Theatre of Classical Russian Ballet - Classical Ballet Karen Khachaturyan "Chipollino" (Ballet in two acts)

Schedule for Karen Khachaturyan "Chipollino" (Ballet in two acts) 2021-2022

Designer: Valery Leventhal
Choreography: Genrikh Mayorov
Composer: Karen Khachaturian

The legendary ballet fairy-tale for the whole family "Cipollino", the main characters and the plot of which were fond of more than one generation of spectators, again returns to the native scene - to the State Kremlin Palace. On the main stage of the country, where it was presented in 1977 - more than 40 years ago and was successfully received by the public.

The basis of the fairy-tale action on the stage is the multifaceted and deeply philosophical language of dance, refined and airy transitions, the finest and lightest movements - the unrivalled choreography of Henry Mayorov, an outstanding national choreographer who received the USSR State Prize for staging this ballet.

Thanks to the wonderful music of Karen Khachaturian, one of the brightest and most talented representatives of the great musical dynasty of composers and conductors Khachaturyan, the main ideas and the plot of the play come to life in the imagination, the images are full and very easy for perception even by the youngest spectators, causing genuine delight and instilling a sense of beauty.

Stunning scenography of the Bolshoi Theater's production designer Valery Levental, which designed performances both on domestic stages and abroad at the world's best venues for dramatic and musical theaters, including opera Italian theaters "La Scala" in Milan and "Teatro Comunale di Bologna" in Bologna, complements the overall picture and creates the completeness of the plot, allowing you to deeply feel and completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of what is happening on stage.

The play "Cipollino" is a true manifestation of real values: team spirit, close relationships, mutual assistance of friends and comrades, faith in the best and struggle for justice.

The performance-fairy tale, based on the works of the Italian writer Gianni Rodari performed by the artists of the theatre "Kremlin Ballet", is intended for family viewing.


Act I

A square in a fairytale town. It seems there are only vegetable baskets and fruit cases. But in fact those are big and small houses where fruits and vegetables live. And all the fruits and vegetables resemble people so much. 

The family of the Radishes meet the family of the Onions. Mother Cipolla and father Cipollone are trying to cope with naughty Cipollino who is tired of nursing his little sister Cipolletta. Master Grape is mending shoes. Mister Pumpkin is looking for some bricks to build a house for himself. Professor Pear is playing the violin and all the citizens of the town are dancing. Suddenly Signor Tomato appears on the square and announces the visit of Prince Lemon who’d like to talk to his citizens. Prince Lemon has just issued a new law: the sunshine, the wind blow, and the rain must be paid for. Vegetables and fruits are indignant. 

In the stampede Cipollino has inadvertently stepped on Lemon’s foot. The guards are outraged: Prince Lemon has been insulted. The ‘rebel’ must be punished. But Cipollino has vanished and the guards arrest his father, the old Cipollone. 

The Onions are grieving. But other families have problems too. Mister Pumpkin on his own cannot build a house. All the citizens united by Cipollino are helping him. No sooner than the house has been built, Signor Tomato appears. He’s nearly bursting with anger: the Pumpkin’s house has been built on the land of Countesses Cherries. It’s private property and nobody can use it. The Guard of Prince Lemon destroy the house. The poor old Pumpkin is desperate. Cipollino sets for revenge. 

Act II

Cipollino and his friend little Radish are going to the palace to find the place where old Cipollone is kept. On the way they meet young Count Cherry who is very lonely in the palace. Cipollino, Radish, and Cherry make friends. Trying to find the imprisoned Cipollone they are nearly caught by Signor Tomato but manage to escape. The Countesses Cherries are throwing a feast in honour of Prince Lemon. While everybody is busy dancing the friends manage to set Cipollone free. 

Lemon’s Guard and the police are looking for the runaways. Cipollino hides his father and Radish but gets arrested. 

In the gardens of the palace Count Cherry meet Magnolia. Together they find Cipollino incarcerated. Magnolia with her fragrance sends the guards to sleep; Count Cherry ties them up and sets Cipollino free. 

Prince Lemon comes to the prison to punish the ‘rebel’ but finds only the guards tied up. 

The enraged Prince orders to fire the cannon into the townsfolk but Cipollino and his friends manage to push the Prince into the cannon. When the smoke rolls away there is no Prince Lemon, no cannon, and no guards. From now on everybody will happily live in the fairytale town. There will be a new town under the clear blue sky — a town of friends!

Schedule for Karen Khachaturyan "Chipollino" (Ballet in two acts) 2021-2022

"Cipollino." The Kremlin ballet. Premiere! fragments. part 1
About This Video
"Cipollino." The Kremlin ballet. Premiere!
fragments. part 1.
Libretto by G. Rykhlova, edited by G. Mayorov, by the tale of J. Rodari
Choreography: G. Mayorov
Assistant choreographer-director - A. Mayorov
Set designer - V. Leventhal
The artist resuming the scenery - O. Medvedev
The artistic director of the renewal of scenery - E. Levental
The artist of the renewal of costumes - S. Leht
Music of Karen Khachaturian.
The performance is accompanied by the Orpheus Symphony Orchestra. The artistic director and chief conductor is Sergey Kondrashev.

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