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10 March 2022 (Thu), 19:00 Moscow Kremlin Theatre of Classical Russian Ballet - Classical Ballet Adolphe Adam "Giselle" (Ballet in 2 acts). State Academic Theatre of Classical Ballet Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilev

Schedule for Adolphe Adam "Giselle" (Ballet in 2 acts). State Academic Theatre of Classical Ballet Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilev 2022

Composer: Adolphe Adam
Ballet company: State Academic Theater of Classical Ballet N. Kasatkina and V. Vasileva

Classical Ballet in 2 acts

This performance connects the modern ballet theater with the great era of romantic ballet. Natalia Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilev conserve classical choreography and drama of this masterpiece, passing it on to new generations of ballet dancers.

Libretto by T.Gautier and J.Saint-Georges
Choreography by J.Perro, J.Coralli, M.Petipa, choreographic version by L. Lavrovsky
Costume Designer – E. Dvorkina
Scenery Designer – L. Solodovnikov

A mystical Thriller or a melodrama about the love of a peasant girl for a noble gentleman? Or an incredible story about love which is stronger than death? First of all, it is one of the most beautiful ballets in the world.

Natalia Kasatkina danced in "Giselle" on the stage of the Bolshoi theatre, receiving invaluable advice from ballet masters and artists of the older generation, who, in turn, received them from their senior colleagues. This performance is like a symbol of the continuity of generations!


A quiet mountain village in the South of France is flooded with sunshine. Duke Albrecht comes to the door of the young Giselle’s house: he was hunting nearby and slipped away from the company to meet a peasant woman that he had liked. Hearing footsteps, the duke hastily hides in the hunting lodge. He is not the only one looking for the attention of the beauty: Hans, the forester, also comes to see Giselle, but does not dare to knock.

Albert realizes that a simple girl will not be able to respond to the feelings of an aristocrat, and therefore disguises himself as a villager. Against the advice of his squire Wilfrid, Albert knocks on Giselle’s door and charms her with elegant courtship. In vain the enamoured forester vows fidelity to the girl: Giselle has already fallen in love with Albert and believes that she is loved in return. Nothing clouds the happiness that lit up her life.
The rejected Hans suspects that Albert is not a simple peasant, but an aristocrat in disguise. The forester sneaks into the rival’s house and finds a silver sword with a coat of arms. Now he is convinced: Albert hides his noble birth and deceives Giselle.

Meanwhile, in the village, noble gentlemen stop to rest after hunting. Among the guests there is Albert’s fiancée, the beautiful Bathilde. Giselle and her mother welcome the company and invite them to their home. While the nobility is resting, the villagers are celebrating the harvest festival, young people dance and have fun on the street. At a convenient moment, the forester publicly accuses Albert of pretending. To prove his words, he shows the sword, but Giselle does not believe in the betrayal of her lover. Then Hans calls Bathilde with all her retinue, and the noblemen, much to their surprise, recognize Albert as their duke, and Bathilde – as her betrothed. The deception is revealed.

Giselle is heartbroken: the treachery of her loved one seriously wounds her trusting and kind heart. At once, the world, which has recently been full of joy and light, collapses, and all hopes and dreams are destroyed. Instead of a happy future, a black abyss opens up in front of the girl. Unable to withstand the blow, Giselle loses her mind and dies.

At night, Willis, the unsettled ghosts of girls who died before the wedding, hover above the graves of the village cemetery. “In their bridal dresses, with wreaths of flowers on their heads... irresistibly beautiful, the Willis dance in the moonshine, and they dance the more impetuously and wildly the more they feel that the hour allowed them for dancing is drawing to an end, and they must again descend to the icy cold of the grave.” (H. Heine)

Obedient to the will of Myrtha, the queen of the ghostly brides, Giselle rises from the cold earth. The Willis welcome a new friend and forever accept her into their ranks. When the ghosts hear footsteps, they disappear, and Giselle’s ghost rushes to Albert, who has come to her grave.

Meanwhile, the Willis notice a heartbroken Hans, who wanders alone in the cemetery. At Myrtha’s command, the ghosts whirl the forester in a frenzied dance until he falls dead.

The terrible fate of Hans awaits Albert: Myrtha has already condemned him for all the evil he had done. But Giselle’s ghost protects the man from the vengeance of the Willis and her selfless love saves Albert.
Dawn comes, and the ghosts of brides disappear in the first rays of the rising sun. The faint shadow of Giselle also disappears. She will live forever in Albert’s memory as a regret for a lost love that was stronger than death itself.

Schedule for Adolphe Adam "Giselle" (Ballet in 2 acts). State Academic Theatre of Classical Ballet Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilev 2022

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