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14 March 2020 (Sat), 13:00 Great State Classical Moscow Circus (established 1971) - Show Circus Show "Based on “One, Two, ..., Four, Five”

Schedule for Circus Show "Based on “One, Two, ..., Four, Five” 2021-2022

Only the fundamental components of the success of this circus team will remain: ultra-modern light, high-quality sound, amazing special effects, fantastic scenery and costumes, an abundance of animals and mega-professional circus performers. Everything else is a completely new story that will captivate you and take you to the fantastic world of adventure and action!

The annual premieres of the show based on the author’s scripts of the Zapashny brothers, using cutting-edge scenery, first-class light, live sound that amaze the imagination of costumes and pyrotechnics.
Amazing stories, costumes and a stunning scale. Jugglers, acrobats, riders with impeccable technique of performance numbers.

The fight against the forces of evil is endless, except in this frenetic circus show presents by the Moscow State Circus. All circus acts are fantastic and keep everyone on the edge of their seat.

Ladies and gentlemen! Imagine ...

London, 1800. The streets are empty, people are in a hurry to finish their business before dark. Rare crews bring up late citizens. The dim light of the lanterns dissolves in the fog. The clock in the square strikes nine. The newspaper boy cries out: “The latest news! The mysterious disappearances of people in the city! ”

The story begins…

If you are not afraid, but rather fascinated by a mysterious world populated by extraordinary heroes, then you will like the new play “Based on“ One, Two, ..., Four, Five ”!

Ghosts, ghouls, vampires - scary guests gathered at the ball Earl Azrael. He has awakened after a 100-year dream and is now preparing his sophisticated plan. But so that the designs of the insidious count do not go too far, the forces of good will face the battle with evil. Five brave superheroes with extraordinary abilities will enter into an epic confrontation with evil spirits - Corporal Elsa, Priest Father George, necromancer Mr. Black, ghost Dendrich and engineer Gunther.

The inexhaustible imagination of the authors of this show will make your hearts beat harder and your palms will “burn” with applause. It seems that in our century there is nothing to surprise the audience, but the director Askold Zapashny succeeds this again and again. Spectators of the play seem to be on the set of the Hollywood blockbuster. Unusual heroes, incredible special effects, author's music, modern lighting design and, of course, an exciting plot, in which complicated acrobatic stunts and numbers with animals are skillfully woven - all this is the play “Based on“ One, Two, ..., Four, Five ”.

Human! Join the Order of NIGHT GUARDS! Read this memo and share it with others!

Our beliefs:
ONE Since there is evil on earth, there must be those who can resist this evil.
TWO times only repeated to stupid and cowards.
FOUR major religions should unite in the fight against a common enemy.
FIVE fighters form the perfect squad.

Our knowledge:
ONE time in a century the “ancient” awakens to satisfy his hunger.
TWO millennia in a row evil spirits tirelessly strive to seize power on earth.
FOUR phases of the moon affect the power of the dark in different ways. The strongest is the full moon.
FIVE minutes from the moment of a bite is required for a person to turn into a ghoul (vampire).

Our rules:
ONE. Always carry the symbol of your faith with you.
TWO. Load weapons only with silver bullets.
FOUR. Do not cast spells aloud if you do not know its purpose.
FIVE. When using an EMR emitter, be sure to wear safety glasses.

We need:
ONE: Strong by faith!
TWO: Hardened by experience!
FOUR: Strong in spirit!
FIVE: Rich in knowledge!

If you still doubt, look around. Evil is already nearby! Get in our ranks, otherwise you risk becoming one of them. And, if this happens, the only thing you should remember is: “He who did not hide is to blame!”

Schedule for Circus Show "Based on “One, Two, ..., Four, Five” 2021-2022

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