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04 November 2019 (Mon), 17:00 Great State Classical Moscow Circus (established 1971) - Show "Epicenter of the World" Circus Show

Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes (till 19:30)

Schedule for "Epicenter of the World" Circus Show 2022

A surprise awaits you ...

Imagine that you are at a geography lesson. Stand at the board with a pointer, and the teacher asks you: "Where is the centre of the planet?" The names of the continents and oceans, mountains and plains sweep through the head, the rivers hastily crowded and threaten to remind themselves, and the insidious geography is persistently interested in: "Where, to "So, the Center of the World?" And there is only one thing left, to come up with our own Epicenter and hope that you guessed right.

The centre is usually where the most interesting happens, where the most people gather from all parts of the world ... That is, here or here in Russia, where the World Cup 2018 was held!

The program of Zapshnyh "Epicenter of the World"

The heroes of the show dream to get to the most important game - the final of the Championship. However, not only they dream about this, but the number of seats in the stadium is limited. Well, this is not a reason to give up the dream and come back home, especially since they have already overcome a considerable distance. It remains to believe in yourself and not to give up attempts to succeed. They are waiting for incredible adventures in the vastness of the greatest continent of Eurasia, unforgettable encounters with their idols and dangerous personalities. Bad luck and luck so often walk hand in hand and they are so difficult to distinguish at first sight. It would seem that there is no way out, everything is extremely unsuccessful, but joy and fearlessness help to create real miracles.

The creators of the show "Epicenter of the World" came up with an exciting story, where we can be the main characters - ordinary fans who love sports, love football and love the circus.

Incredible performance in the arena of the Great Moscow Circus

The language of the circus is the most understandable of all existing dialects. We all laugh when a hilarious clown comes to the playpen. Hold the breath when the gymnasts demonstrate the wonders of balance. We admire the filigree art of the jugglers and do not try to restrain our enthusiasm at the sight of the talent of the trainers.

As always, in the program ...

The brightest circus artists, laureates of international competitions and festivals

Decorations created using the latest technology that will make you forget that it's just a game

Light and musical special effects


Colourful costumes created by masters of their craft



In 2018, our beautiful country is waiting for a mass of festive events, but one of them is marked with a red line in the calendars of almost all the inhabitants of our immense Homeland. Without excessive modesty, this event is eagerly awaited by people all over the world, and for it they are ready to cross the seas and oceans, to pass hundreds of kilometres, to fly more than one thousand miles. And all this just to be at the epicentre of the festivity called "FIFA World Cup". This amazing game is loved by people all over the planet, regardless of nationality, skin colour, religion, political views and place of residence. Football unites nations, makes its fans happy and gives the most unforgettable emotions to hundreds of millions of people. 

The team of the Great Moscow state circus did not want to stay away from this stunning and large-scale event and decided to surprise the residents of Moscow and its guests with their new show called "Epicenter of the world", timed to the coming Mundial. Well, someone may wonder: "How is the circus connected with football»? Believe me, in the closest way! Since, the language, spoken by the Great circus art has no limits and borders, and with all its diversity is absolutely international and does not require translation. 

So, get ready to see a story that cheers, surprises, brings together, unites and touches hearts. Because, you will see not only a large-scale spectacle created by the best specialists in their field, mind-blowing tricks, amazing costumes, modern scenery, special effects, a lot of various animals, but also a wonderful story about ordinary people, football fans from around the world who rush to the main event of the year – FIFA World Cup, for the first time held not only in our country, but also on the territory of two parts of the world simultaneously: Europe and Asia. 

Do not miss the Grand event at the arena of the Great Moscow circus on Vernadskiy Prospect. Because, exactly this circus venue and only for a while, together with the whole country - host of the championship, will be the "Epicenter of the World".




Schedule for "Epicenter of the World" Circus Show 2022

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