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25 September 2021 (Sat), 17:00 Great State Classical Moscow Circus (established 1971) - Show History (classical circus performance)

Running time: 3 hours (till 20:00)

The performance has 1 intermission

Schedule for History (classical circus performance) 2022

Show in 2 act

Embark on a magical journey through the pages of the century-old history of the Russian circus! You will be able to trace the connection of times, enjoy the impeccable style of each era and not resist the charm of the most touching circus moments.

It is no secret that art is a reflection of the reality around us and of human life itself. It, like a sponge, absorbs what has been created by the most talented people, accentuates their worthy deeds, remembers the most significant events and carries memories of them through the years and centuries. Precisely because art honors human traditions, preserves the memory of our predecessors with you, it can be safely considered one of the most important keepers of human history, for it has an unthinkable power that is capable of not only telling about the past in various ways, but also showing what it is. was actually.

The circus at all times has been the most accessible and popular form of art, understandable to any person, regardless of gender, age, worldview, skin color, religion and political views. This is why circus art is so popular and loved all over the world. During its existence, the circus has gone through many eras and not only accepted into its ranks, but also raised many outstanding personalities, easily recognizable and dearly loved to this day.

The staff of the Great Moscow Circus always creates relevant, interesting and high-quality performances, plays and shows. That is why now the creative team of this flagship of the Russian circus world is proud to present its new project called "HISTORY", which will tell about the most interesting and vivid stages in the development of circus art and remind about its most significant representatives. Together with the main characters of this performance, with the help of circus magic, the viewer will plunge into the whirlpool of incredible events, walk through the pages of the 100-year history of the Russian and Soviet circus, meeting on their way those who are able to truly surprise and delight.

All members of the creative team of Great Moscow Circus are sincerely convinced that the careful preservation of our common history, coupled with the adoption of everything new and modern, is the key to real success and the only correct way of development. Throughout the years of its existence, this super-professional team continues to develop, in any work showing the viewer an example of quality, world-class mastery and the highest performing art. Their new project will not be an exception, since all team members are well aware of the burden of responsibility placed on their shoulders, because only a reverent attitude to the work of their great ancestors and their work allows here and now to create a truly bright and outstanding "HISTORY".

Schedule for History (classical circus performance) 2022

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