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28 November 2019 (Thu), 19:00 Moscow Kremlin Theatre of Classical Russian Ballet - Show “Shining Summits of the Caucasus”. “Sing and Dance. My Russia” Festival

Running time: 3 hours (till 22:00)

The performance has 1 intermission

Schedule for “Shining Summits of the Caucasus”. “Sing and Dance. My Russia” Festival 2020

Legendary performing groups of the Caucasus are on the main stage of the country! New program of concert seasons of all-Russian festival of folk art “Sing and Dance. My Russia” will be premiered to the audience of the State Kremlin Palace.

First program of seasons’ cycle of the festival will be dedicated to musical, vocal, choreographic and ethnic heritage of the people of Caucasus.

The concert program “The Legends of Caucasus” (or “Shining Summits of the Caucasus”) will embrace centuries-old rituals, myths and legends, rites and habits of these regions of Russia featuring the key “codes” of Caucasian culture.

“The history of the Caucasus lives in its legends. They convey the beauty of human soul, nobility and the sense of duty, love and self-denial, the pride for their land. Nothing in legends is false. Each path, each river or mountain top has its secret whose name is legend”

- “Alan” State Academic Dance Ensemble awarded with the “Order of People’s Friendship ” (the Republic of North Ossetia - Alania);
- “Nalmes” State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble of the Adyghe Republic;
- “Kabardinka” State Academic Dance Ensemble (the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria);
- “Lezginka” State Academic Honored Dance Ensemble (the Republic of Dagestan);
- “Kilikia” Dance Theater Group (the Republic of Armenia);
- “Acapella-Saqartvelo” Georgian Polyphonic Choir (Georgia);
- “Halisi” Children’s Model Georgian Dance Ensemble (Georgia);
- Sharif, the “Voice Show” participant (the Chechen Republic);
- “Ansar” Dance Ensemble (the Chechen Republic).

It has become a good tradition of the festival for the participants to present not only their best pieces and compositions which have become their signatures. The program of the festival encompass new pieces that have been staged specially for the theme-based festival programs.

Signature performances are the glory and the cultural heritage of the region. These unique pieces, the priceless “jewels” of Russia’s culture have been admired by the audiences throughout the world.

The new pieces that have been created specifically for this particular show of the “Legends of the Caucasus” festival will further on enrich the repertory of the participants and will definitely become part of their gold portfolios.

“Dance and Sing, my Russia” festival is the event of peace and kindness, the festival showcasing Russia’s cultural heritage that brings together the best academic groups across the nation that are considered Russia’s cultural background, as well as honorable guests of the festival.

The high degree of performing culture, refined and exquisite vocal, instrumental and dancing techniques are the features that have always distinguished real art!

We are proud to present the new chapter in the development of the festival, the narrative concert entitled “The Legends of the Caucasus” (or “Shining Summits of the Caucasus”).

Schedule for “Shining Summits of the Caucasus”. “Sing and Dance. My Russia” Festival 2020

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