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Viatcheslav Gordeev (Choreography)

Gordeev Viatcheslav Michailovitch is the eminent Russian ballet dancer. His creative achievements have determined in many respects the direction of searches in execution art of the ballet in last ten years.

Gordeev’s dance, with high degree of virtuosity, temperament and power and at the same time with a heartfelt lyricism, promoted the success of the modern domestic and foreign choreographers. His performances in "Spartacus", "Romeo and Juliet", "The legend about love", "Icarus" staged by M. Bejart and G. Balanchin were acknowledged the event in Russian ballet art. Great success accompanied the dancer in his foreign tours. V.M. Gordeev gained by right the reputation of the brilliant representative of the Russian classic dance school and helped to consolidate the glory of Russian ballet abroad.

V. M. Gordeev’s contribution in the development of the domestic ballet as the organizer is also important. He is the founder and the permanent leader of the Moscow regional state theatre "Russian Ballet", which has become a first-rate troupe for 20 years of its existence. Here has developed Gordeev’s fruitful ballet-master activity. The young talented troupe has unique repertoire, which helps to reveal the dancer’s individuality, thanks to Gordeev’s own staging and the borrowed original material. The staging activity of Gordeev is marked by The Association of Western European Impresario (the title "The best choreographer of the year", 1992), by the jury of The All-Russian and international competitions of the ballet dancers in Perm (the prize of Moris Bejart, 1992), by the journal "Ballet" (the title "The knight of the ballet" and the prize "The soul of the dance", 1994) etc.

The troupe "Russian Ballet" is also a propagandist of the Russian ballet legacy on the high artistic level in Russia and abroad, attaches the people of big city and the districts near Moscow to Art. There are a lot of pupils and students among the audience of the theatre. There are a lot of children of the pre-school and junior school age at the morning performances, which the theatre gives on holidays and weekends. The theatre gratis invites to its performances the children from the children’s homes of Moscow and the region. Thus, the theatre solves the important problem of the upbringing of the growing generation in the course of high spirit and love to the fatherland that means in the course of moral ideals, which have always been the essence of Russian culture.

The idea of enlightenment is actively carried out in V. M. Gordeev’s educational activity: experienced ballet-master and director, he passes on his knowledge and secrets of mastery to the ballet students as the head of the choreographic art course in the Russian academy of theatrical arts (1993 – 1997), as the professor of the chair of choreography in the Russian academy of Slavonic culture (RASC) since 1998. During this years he has prepared many specialists. The performances of his students are on on the stage of the theatre "Russian Ballet" and other ballet troupes in Russia and abroad.

V. M. Gordeev was the chairman of international ballet competitions in Japan (Osaka), Korea, Dyushambe. He was a jury member at international and All-Russian ballet competitions in Luxemburg and Perm ("Arabesque"). During several years V. M. Gordeev has been the chairman of the state committees of the Moscow State academy of choreography and the Perm choreographic school.

Since 1999 Gordeev has been the official representative of the Rudolf Nureyev Foundation in Russia and former Soviet republics, contributing to the fulfilling of the main tasks of the Foundation and, in particular, to the exposure of the most talented young dancers and their further support.
As the member of the editorial board of the journal "Ballet" he exerts great influence on the improvement of the edition and on the development of ballet history.

Having headed the ballet troupe of the Bolshoi theatre, V. M. Gordeev proved himself to be progressive leader, who keenly apprehends maturing creative problems in the troupe, actively searches the ways of the repertoire renewal and the improvement of the situation within the troupe.

In 1998/99 season V. M. Gordeev staged the ballet "The Sleeping Beauty" to P. I. Tchakovsky’s music in his own redaction in the theatre "Russian Ballet". The premier performances were shown with triumphal success on the stage of the State Kremlin Palace, in the biggest halls of Norway, Sweden, Ireland, German (1999/2000 season). The performance is marked with the special prize as the most grandiose staging of the year. The staging of these performances was connected with the scientific research of the lost fragments of the classical masterpieces, which were restored little by little.

1999 is A. S. Pushkin’s anniversary year. The ballet evening, which went on with great success on the stage of the Moscow regional Art house "Kuzminki" in June 1999, was dedicated to this momentous date. The whole theater’s troupe took part in it, showing the fragments from the ballets based on Pushkin’s works: "Ruslan and Ludmila", "The Snowstorm" (Gordeev’s staging) and other. Unusual, original by the form became the dramatic-choreographic performances "In honour of Petipa", "In honour of Gorsky" and "In honour of Fokin". V. M. Gordeev was not only the author of the scenario and the producer of the triptych, but also created the bright images of three Russian great choreographers as the ballet dancer.

On the 20th and 21st of November 2001 the world premiere of the ballet "Cinderella" took place on the stage of the Maliy theatre. It became one of the most important events in cultural life of Moscow. The performance found in Gordeev not only a balletmaster-producer, but also a librettist. In the opinion of the prominent researcher of the choreographic art academician V. V. Vanslov Gordeev’s "Cinderella" is a multi-coloured choreographic canvas adequate to the scale of the musical base of the staging. The performance went on with triumphal success during the theatre’s foreign tours in Ireland and Austria. A number of Russian theatres showed interest to it, and the Bashkir State opera and ballet theatre invited V. M. Gordeev to stage the performance and showed the premiere on the 19th of April 2002.

Creative, organizational and enlightening activity of Viatcheslav Michailovitch Gordeev characterizes him as one of the key figures in modern domestic ballet art.

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