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Leonid Bomshteyn (Vilensky) (Tenor)

He was borne in Leningrad. In 1996 it finished the Russian academy of music of the name Of gnesinykh (teachers K. lisovskiy, N. shil‘nikova). It sang in the Moscow musical theater "Helicon- opera" and the Moscow academic musical theater the name Of k. s.Stanislavskiy and vl. i.Nemirovicha-Danchenko (Rudolf in "Bohemia" of J. puchchini, accordion in "Ruslan and Ludmila" Of m. glinkya, Peppe in the "clowns" R. leonkavallo).
since 1998. - the soloist of the operatic company of the large of teatra.


The following parties entered in its repertoire in the Bolshoi theater:
astrologer ("gold cockerel" N. Roman -Korsakova)
Izmail ("Nabukko" G. Verdi)
foolish ("Boris Godunov" M. musorgskogo)
Trike ("Yevgeny Onegin" P. Tschaikovsky)
Of ovlur ("prince Igor" A. Borodin)
Luidzhino ("excellent miller‘s wife" J. paiziyello)
Gaston ("Traviata" Of dzhVerdi)
Bomeliy ("tsarist bride" N. Roman -Korsakova)
Of pong ("J. puchchini‘s Turandot")
drunk cossack ("P. Tschaikovsky‘s Mazepa")
Jakob glok ("fiery angel" S. prokof‘eva)
Monostatos ("magic flute" in. A. motsarta)
et al


In 1996 at The ueksfordskom operatic festival in Ireland it carried out the party of Rudolf ("Bohemia").
in 1999-2002 participated in the settings it leaned "war and peace" Of s. Prokofiev, "Queen of Spades" Of p. Tschaikovsky and M. musorgskiy‘s "Khovanshchina" in the Parisian national opera, and also it sang in the opera Of p. Tschaikovsky‘s "Iolanta" on the scene of the opera of Monte Carlo.
in 2000 came out to as Turinsk festival "musical September" ("flannelette about the fox, Petukha, Kota yes ram" I. stravinskogo).
in 2003 carried out party Tebal‘do in the opera "Capuletti and Montekkya" Of v. Bellini in the opera Monpel‘e (France) and the party of astrologer ("gold cockerel") in the national opera of Toulouse (France).
in 2004 in the new setting of the Grains- festival (USA) of opera D. Shostakovic‘s "nose" carried out the party of nose (conductor Leon botshteyn, director Franceska Zambello).


the "bells" Of s. Rakhmaninoff (conductor v. Polyanskiy), S.yuandos (S.D)
"war and the peace" Of s. Prokofiev (conductor G. bertini, setting F. zambello), TDK - Opera de Paris (DVD).

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