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Zoltan Pesko (Music Director)

It were borne in 1937 in Budapest, in the family of the organist of Lutheran church. In the beginning 1960- X yr., after finishing the academy Of lis­ta according to the class of composition, collaborated with the radio and the national theater of Hungary as composer and conductor. After leaving Ven­griyu in 1964, worked on probation itself in the national academy Santa Chechiliya in Rome according to the class of composition in Goffredo Of petrassi and according to the class of conducting in Serdzhio Chelibidake and Pierre buleza. In yr became the assistant of Lorin Maazelya in the German opera in Berlin, and in 1969-1973. - by the permanent conductor of this theater. Its first work as the conductor- producer became "Simon bokkanegra" of G. Verdi. At the same time it taught in the Berlin Vys­shoye school of music.
in 1970 took place the debut Of zoltana Scala pawn in the la. During one season it carried out here a setting it leaned "Ulysses" Of l. dallapikkoly, "imaginary gardener" V. a.Motsart and the "fiery angel" Of s. Prokofiev.

The dal‘­neyshaya career of conductor is connected with the iz­vestnymi Italian orchestras and te­atrami. In 1974-76 yr. it was chief conductor of theater To komunale in Bologna, 1976-78 yr. - by the mu­zykal‘nym leader of theater la to feniche in Venice. In 1978-82 yr. headed The simfo­nicheskiy orchestra RAI (Milan), with which in 1980 carried out "salambo" Of m. musorgskiy (reconstruction of opera, world of premier).

In 1996-99 yr. he was the general musical director of German opera in the Rhine (Dyus­sel‘dorf-Duysburg).

In 2001 San became the chief conductor of national theater Porta in Lisbon.

Among its po­stanovok - tetralogy the "ring of Nibelungen" Of r. vag­ner in the theater Redzhio in Torino, ballets "Punchinello" and the "firebird" Of i. stra­vinskiy ("Igor stravinskiy‘s evenings") in the Roman opera, the "sorceress" Of p. chaykov­skiy (joint setting of lissabonskogo theater San Porta and Of mariinskogo theater).

In its operatic repertoire of very extensive range are represented the compositions of J. paiziyello, V. a.Motsart, K. v.Glyuk, V. Bellini, of G. Verdi, Zh. Bizet, J. puchchini, R. Wagner, L. van Beethoven, N. rimskogo-Korsakov -Korsakova, S. Prokofiev, I. stravinskiy, F. buzoni, R. Strauss, O. respigya, A. sherberg, B. Britten, B. Bartok, D. Ligeti, D. shnebel and other composers.

It came out in many operatic theaters of Europe and especially in the Italian and the German. Collaborated with well-known by directors Francos Zefferelli, Yuri Liubimov (in particular, on setting of opera "salambo" in the Neapolitan theater San Porta, 1983 and in Parisian national opera, 1987), Dzhankarlo Dale of Monaco, by Werner Herzog, Akhimom By frayerom and by others.

Frequently it comes out at many famous musical festivals. It repeatedly conducted by the most important symphonic orchestras of peace, including by Berlin and Munich philharmonic.

It is the acknowledged interpreter of contemporary music. He was permanent participant in this quality to Venetian Biyennale.

It has extensive diskografiyu, there are records including with the symphonic orchestra the BBC and the London symphonic orchestra.

In 1989 he conducted by the deserved association of republic by the academic symphonic orchestra of Leningrad state philharmonic society (concert performance of opera "salambo").

During February 2004 took place its debut in the Bolshoi theater: the orchestra of Zoltana of pawns large under control carried out the fifth symphony Of g. maler. In season 2004/05 carried out setting opera "lady Macbeth Mtsenskogo district" D. shostakovicha.

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