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Natalia Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilev (Libretto)

National artists of Russia, the State Prize winners

The State Classic Ballet Theatre will meet its 40-th anniversary this year. N.Kasatkina and V.Vasilev have been governing the theatre for more than 30 years, since 1977.

After graduating from Moscow Choreography School N.Kasatkina and V.Vasilev were accepted to the Bolshoi Theatre, where they had been dancing for more than 20 years. They began their own choreography and opera production in 1961. They have staged more than twenty full-range ballets, a lot of ballet miniatures, and a number of operas in this country and abroad. In the sixties of the XX century they really made a rush into the future, having produced highly vanguard ballets, such as “A Heroical Poem” (“Geologists”), “The Rit of Spring” and “Creation of the World”.

Art directors of “The Classic Ballet” have managed to create their own, unique style of the group. Innovations, search for unusual ballet forms and dancing techniques, rich repertoire has made the State Classical Ballet Theatre one of the most well-known ballet groups of the world.

“Kasatkina and Vasilev search for fresh vivid techniques, presented by the life itself. They create sharp choreographic sounds, tense and dramatic rhythms. At the same time they follow the traditions of “Russian language” of the ballet, classical dancing. But this is a modern dance, our contemporaries’ speech” – the newspaper “Trud” wrote.

There are more the twenty ballets in the theatre’s repertoire – beginning with “Don Kishot” by Minkus and “Chiselle” by Adan to “Spartacus” by Khachaturian and “Gala” by Strauss.

There are 19 gold medal holders and 2 Grand-Prize winners of different international competitions, 5 Grand-Prize laureate-winners and 2 Grand-Prize winners of the Paris Dance Academy among the dancers of the group. And the number of silver and bronze medal holders is counted in dozens.

The theatre has been on tours to 200 Russian cities and more than 30 countries of the world.

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