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Anton Rubinstein (Composer)

Composer A. Rubenstein was borne in one of the western provinces in the well-off, but cultural family.

The muzykalnoye gift of Rubenstein appeared very early. Mother, who gave to it was its first teacher of music the lessons of piano game. Subsequently the leader of the muzykalnykh occupations Rubenstein became teacher villuan well-known in his time. Being occupied Villuanom, Rubenstein acquired the sufficiently extensive piano repertoire, which gave to it the possibility in 1841-1844 to give concerts in a number of European it was municipal. The exceptional pianisticheskiy talent of boy was noted in the press and drew the attention of the most important European musicians, including Chopin and Lista.

In 1844-1846 together with his junior brother Nikolai Rubenstein it were occupied in Berlin in well-known musical theorist den, in xwho in the Thirties he learned Glinka.Sil‘noye impression on Rubenstein they produced the revolutionary events of 1848 in Germany. "it arrived by 4 in Berlin, recalls Rubenstein, into the very flow of revolutionary ideas... And he did not think 4 then, what great break is accomplished with the revolutionary movement of 1848 - not only in the policy, but also into iskusstve".

In 1849, by twenty-year youth, Rubenstein returned to Russia and settled in Petersburg. At the end of the fiftieth he is annual it attains the organization of Russian musical society, who in its time played significant role in the cultural life of Russia. In 1862 musical society opened the first Russian conservatory in Petersburg. A. g. Rubenstein became in its chapter. Through several years musical society on the initiative Of a. g. Rubenstein opened the second conservatory - in Moscow. The first director of Moscow conservatory became the brother A. g. Rubenstein I. g. Rubenstein, great pianist and remarkable conductor. The concerts of Russian musical society marked the beginning of regular concert life in both capitals. Conservatories prepared so necessary for the Russian culture of the musicians of different specialties. Many most important Russian musicians obtained formation in the based by brothers Rubensteins conservatories. It suffices to say that one of the first Petersburg conservatory finished, according to the class Of a. g. Rubenstein‘s composition, p. I. Chaykovskiy.

In 1867 A. g. Rubenstein forewent the management of conservatory and the conducting by the concerts of Russian musical society. For twenty years he returns his forces of creative and performer activity. The appearances of Rubenstein in Russia and abroad were passed with the enormous and constant success. In entire peace after it solidly was strengthened the glory of the "tsar of pianists". A. g. Rubenstein‘s game completely subjugated listeners by titanic power, Herculean spread, heroic lift, it is indomitable by irregular fervency, and from other side, by tenderness, by Grace, by refinement. Tragic means in the creations of Chopin and Beethoven are especially were close close to it.

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