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Dmitriy Chernyakov (Set Designer)

He was borne in 1970 in Moscow. In 1993 he finished the Russian academy of theatrical is­kusstva. Placed a number of operatic and drama­ticheskikh plays in the theaters of Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Vilnius, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Omsk, Samara, etc. in all his settings he is almost the author of stsenografii and suits, and also in the plays of other directors ("flying Dutchman" R. Wagner, the Permian state academic theater of opera and ballet, 1993; "so act all women" V. a.Motsart, Lyudvigsburskiy festival, Germany, 1999 g.).

In 1998 noticeable event became the realized by it setting of the opera "young David" Of v. kobekin in by Novosibirsk the state academic theater of opera and ballet (world of premier).
in 2000 was invited in the state academic Mariinskiy theater place opera "legend about the invisible hail Kitezhe and the virgin Of fevronii" N. rimskogo-Korsakova -Korsakova. In 2002 at the festival "gold mask" this play was acknowledged as the best operatic play of season 2000/2001, and Dmitriy chernyakov became the laureate of national theatrical reward "gold mask" in the nomination "the best work of rezhissera".

In the Bolshoi theater in the season 2002/2003 Dmitriy chernyakovs carried out setting opera the "adventures of the rake" Of i. stravinskogo. In 2004 the setting in the Bolshoi theater brought to it sequential "gold mask", and setting the play Of P.- p.-K. marivo "dual inconstancy" into by Novosibirsk academic youth theater the "Globus" (2002 g.) it was awarded by "gold mask" as the best dramatic play of season 2002/2003.

Among the last works in the opera "Aida" G. Verdi (Novosibirskiy the theater of opera and ballet, 2004 g.) and "life for the tsar" M. glinkya (Mariinskiy theater, 2004). Play "Aida" was noted by "gold mask" as the best operatic play of season 2003/2004, and Dmitriy chernyakov obtained "gold mask" in the nomination "best work of director". In 2005 he continued his collaboration with The mariinskim theater, after placing opera "Tristan and Isolde" R. vagnera.

In season 2005/06 placed M. musorgskogo‘s opera "Boris Godunov" in the Berlin state opera (conductor- producer - Daniel Barenboym).

It is the possessor of the international reward to name k. S. Stanislavski1, the reward of the fund for Oleg Tabakov, youth reward "triumph".

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