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Leonid Lavrovsky (Choreography)

(1905 - 1967) Choreography Chief ballet master of the Bolshoi theater in 1944-56 yr. and 1959-64 yr.

He was born 5 (18) June 1905 in Saint Petersburg. In 1922 at completion of choreographic school for thirteen years it danced in the company of the Leningrad state academic theater of opera and ballet (now Mariinskiy).

In 1935-38 yr. he was the artistic leader of Leningrad small academic state operatic theater (now St. Petersburg state theater of opera and ballet of the name M.P. Of musorgskogo). In 1938 it headed the ballet company of the theater of opera and ballet of the name S.M. of Kirov (Mariinskogo). In 1944 was obtained the post of the artistic leader of the ballet company of the Bolshoi theater, which "held" - with the small interruptions - for twenty years.

In 1959 organized the country‘s first ensemble "ballet on ice", management of which was combined with its activity in the theater. Finally poproshchavshis‘ with the Bolshoi theater, he became the artistic leader of Moscow state academic choreographic school (TO MACH). To teach beginnings as early as 1948 in the state institute of the theatrical skill of the name A.V. of Lunacharskiy (now Russian academy of theatrical skill), in 1952 obtained the title of professor. Assumed participation in the organization of choreographic school in Cairo (Egypt).

In the Bolshoi theater the following settings were carried out:

"zhizel‘" Of a. Adam (1944, which became world acknowledged the editorial staff of the ballet Of zh. koralli, Zh. perro, M. petip)

"raymonda" Of a.Glazunova (1945 g.)

"shopeniana" to the music Of f. Chopin (1946, the renewal of setting M. Fokin, 1946 g.)

"Romeos and Juliette" Of s.Prokof‘eva (1946 g.)

the "red poppy" Of r.Gliera (1949 g.)

"fadetta" to the music Of l. Delibes (1952 g.)

"tale about the rock flower" Of s.Prokof‘eva (1954 g.)

"paganini" to the music Of s.Rakhmaninova (1960 g.)

"night city" to the music Of b. Bartok (1961 g.)

the "pages of life" To a.Balanchivadze (1961 g.)

Were placed dances in the operas:

"Boris Godunov" Of m. musorgskogo (1946 g.)

"Faust" Of sh. Gounod (1949 g.) - famous choreographic picture is "Walpurgis night"

"charge" N. Roman -Korsakova (1949 g.)

the "decembrists" Of yu. shaporin (1953 g.)

Ballets abroad repeatedly were placed: "tale about rock flower" (Helsinki, 1961), "Romeo and Juliette" (Budapest, 1962), "zhizel‘" in its editorial staff (Belgrade, 1956, Helsinki, 1958, Sofia, 1967).

Leonid lavrovskiy entered into the history of ballet as khoreograf, which fixed the high reaching of so-called drambaleta - the dance, in which the drama prevails above strictly the dance. The legend of world ballet theater became its ballet of "Romeos and Juliette", shown on the first foreign tours of the Bolshoi theater - in England into 1956, received immense methods in public and caused to the life other choreographic interpretations of Shakespearean tragedy - John krenko and Kenneth Macmillan, find under the obvious influence of his play. From the review, published in the newspaper "Times": "can ballet transmit poetry of tragedy" to Romeos and Juliette "without Shakespeare‘s words? Yes, can. The play of the Bolshoi theater, which showed wholly entire tragedy in three reports and thirty scenes, is the precise transfer of each word of Shakespeare into the language of authentic poetry ". From other side, however was enraptured Juliette- Galina ulanovoy‘s criticism, to "transfer into the language of authentic poetry", in its opinion, it nevertheless was missing dance. Outstanding English critic Arnold khaskell for a while after, returning tribute "Romeos and Juliet" Of lavrovskogo, explained his initial impression thereby that "this was the rechitativnyy ballet, and our eye was disposed on the aria". Subsequently, being subordinated to spirit of the age, it reexamined its views and were disposed "to the aria" and Lavrovskiy itself. The presented to them for the choreographic school ballet "classical symphony" to Sergey Prokofiev‘s music furthermore serves already exclusively terpsichore, but not To mel‘pomene.


He was three times honored Stalin (State) prize - in 1946, 1947 and 1950. In 1965 he was appropriated the title "people artist OF THE USSR". It is rewarded with the Order of the Red Banner of Labor (1951 g.) and by the Order of Lenin (1967).

He died in Paris, where it were located TO MACH on the tours, on 27 November, 1967, (sum of tours it became the rewarding of school boundary with Paris). He is buried on The novodevich‘em cemetery.

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