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Classical Ballet Dmitry Shostakovich "Bolt" (ballet in two acts)
World famous Bolshoi Ballet and Opera theatre (established 1776) - Small Stage

Running time: 2 hours 10 minutes

Schedule for Dmitry Shostakovich "Bolt" (ballet in two acts) 2022

Composer: Dmitry Shostakovich
Choreography: Alexei Ratmansky
Light Designer: Gleb Filshtinskiy
Costume Designer: Galina Solovieva

Orchestra: Bolshoi Theatre Symphony Orchestra

Premiere of this production: 25 February 2005

Libretto of Victor Smirnov in the editorial staff of Aleksey Ratmanskiy
Choreography - Aleksey Ratmanskiy
Set Designer - Semen Pastuh
Costume Designer - Galina Solovyeva
Light Designer - Gleb Filshtinskiy

It goes with one intermission.

Action I
picture 1
morning at the plant begins from the charge gymnastics. One of the workers does not fall into time - this Denis. All its thoughts are occupied with break with The the nastey. Between them occurs difficult razgovor.

Workers are prepared for launching of new shop. The correctness of the installation of machines check draftsman, Technician- repairman and typists. After them with the last formal inspection follow works manager, chief engineer and clerk Of kozel’kov, personality ambiguous.
thus far goes on solemn meeting, cleaning women direct in the accomodation cleanliness. Ribbon is cut - the shop of pushchen.

Denis ceases work in his machine tool in order to cut through. Shock worker Jan goes to the telephone and reports about this into the board. They expel Denis from the work. The liberated place in machine tool occupies Nastya, which was agitated more than vsekh.

Picture 2
detuned Denis leaves for the beer, where dough bosses. Among the visitors not working at the plant Man’ka Of fart, Ivan shtopor and Fedor piv, or inseparable ficus and Pachuli. The appearance Of kozel’kova with the friends causes in Denis violent reaction, indeed that participated in its release. Following them in the beer goes Nastya. She feels awkwardness before Denis, but it is ready with it to have a talk as Young com. league leader. Denis only is rude as the answer. Runs Jan he wants to have a talk "in a manly manner", but it occurs on the floor. Denis feels himself pobeditelem.

Evening unnoticeably approached. To Denis comes the thought to place into the machine tool bolt, then the work of hateful shop stops. It will try this to carry out with the aid of the homeless child Of ivashki. The habitues of beer joyfully greet this idea.

Action II
picture 3
work in to shop is finished, workers disperse through the houses. Denis with The the ivashkoy they are stolen to the doors of plant. Their plan is disrupted by the appearance of Jan, who notes the shadow of young fellow and throws into the shop. The short circuit occurs at this moment. Denis causes protection and reports that this Jan placed bolt. Run into Nastya sees, as they arrest Jan. It in the confusion.

Ivashka, feeling its fault, is not agreeable with this turning of the matter and tells truth. Protection takes away Denis. Nastya requests Jan to forgive it for the doubt. Now Ivashka under the management To nasti and Jan can make by man. New life begins for it.

Picture 4
all further action occurs in the sleep. Ivashka sees itself of the saving sea fleet from the saboteur, among the soldiers Red Army...
further fate of the heroes of the ballet of neizvestna.

Dances and scene OF THE I action

Picture the first:

charging. Radio-rhythmical scene
the installation of machines
the dance of draftsman, Technician- repairman and typists
meeting and the dance of cleaning women
launching new shop
the scene of Denis
the renewal of the work of tsekha

Picture of vtoraya:

In The beer
Dance- Characteristic:
- Man’ka Of fart
- Ivan shtopor and Fedor piv
- Kozel’kov ("bureaucrat")
scene To nasti, Denis and Jan
the dance of Denis ("dray")
the appearance Of ivashki and tango
dances and scene OF THE II action

Picture of tret’ya:

withdrawal from the work
scene with the bolt
"new family" - trio To nasti, Jan and Ivashki

Picture the fourth:

"sea Conference"
Variation To nasti ("Estetka")
A variation In ivashki ("Conciliator")
A variation In Jan ("Kuznets")
The dances Of the Red Army: Osoaviakhimovtsy, bicyclists, Red Army men Krasnoflottsy, airmen, cavalry of Budenniy

Schedule for Dmitry Shostakovich "Bolt" (ballet in two acts) 2022

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