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Margarita Shrayner (Dancer)


Born in Moscow. In 2011, she graduated from the Moscow State Choreographic Academy (class of Irina Prokofieva) and joined the Ballet Company of the Bolshoi Theatre.

In the graduating class she danced the role of Lise in Yuri Grigorovich’s production of La fille mal gardée by Peter Ludwig Hertel. In addition to the classical pas de deux and variations she performed a choreographic number staged by Italian choreographer D. Bombana to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach (Concertos for harpsichord and orchestra No. 1 in D minor).

She rehearsed under the guidance of Nadezhda Pavlova. Now her teacher-repetiteur is Marina Kondratieva.


 (Don Quixote by L.Minkus, choreography by Alexander Gorsky in the version by A. Fadeechev) 
Four swans (Swan Lake by P. Tchaikovsky, choreography by Lev Ivanov in the version by Yuri Grigorovich) 
Cipolletta-sister (Cipollino by K. Khachaturyan, choreography by G. Mayorov) 
A part in Emeralds (Part I of Jewels, music by G. Faure, choreography by G. Balanchine) — creation at the Bolshoi Theatre 
Two Nymphs (Apollon Musagète by I. Stravinsky, choreography by G. Balanchine) 
Raindrops (Moidodyr by E. Podgayts, choreography by Y. Smekalov) — appeared in the opening night performance 

Grand pas
 (La Bayadere by L. Minkus, choreography by M. Petipa,Y. Grigorovich production) 
Columbine (Nutcracker by P. Tchaikovsky, choreography by Yuri Grigorovich) 
Kitty (Moidodyr) 
Dance with Fans (A. Adam's Le Corsaire, choreography by M. Petipa, production and new choreography by A. Ratmansky and Y.Burlaka) 
Maids of Honour (The Sleeping Beauty by P. Tchaikovsky, Yuri Grigorovich production) 
Pas d’action (Giselle by A. Adam; choreography by Jean Coralli, Jules Perrot, Marius Petipa in the version by V. Vasiliev) 
Servants to the Marchesa, Harlequins (Marco Spada to music by D.-F.-E. Auber, P. Lacotte production) 
Friends to Swanilda (Coppelia by L. Délibes, choreography by M. Petipa and E. Cecchetti; revival and new choreographic version by S. Vikharev) 

French Doll
 (Nutcracker by P. Tcaikovsky, choreography by Y. Grigorovich) 
Cinderella (The Sleeping Beauty) 
interpolated Pas de deux 
(Giselle, Y. Grigorovich's version) 
Friends to Shireen (A Legend of Love by Arif Melikov, production by Yuri Grigorovich) 

Seven Gertrudes and Ophelias
 (Hamlet to music by D. Shostakovich, D. Donnelan and R. Poklitary production) — appeared in the opening night performance 
The Bride (Marco Spada
2nd variation in Grand Pas (Don Quixote
Young Lady/ ladies in Princess Mary Part (A Hero of Our Time by I. Demutsky, Princess Mary part, choreography by Y. Possokhov, director K. Serebrennikov) 

1st variation in Raimonda’s Dreams
 (Raymonda by A. Glazunov, choreography by M. Petipa, Y. Grigorovich's version) 
Part in The Symphony of Psalms (music by I. Stravinsky, choreography by Jiri Kylian) 
Manu (La Bayadere
The Lively Garden, Pas d’esclaves (Le Corsaire) 
Jeanne (The Flames of Paris by B. Asfiev, production and new choreography by A. Ratmansky after V. Vainonen) 
Fairy of Silver, Fairy of Diamonds (The Sleeping Beauty) 
Sylphide (Herman Lovenskjold’s La Sylphide; choreography by August Bournonville, E. M. von Rosen’s version) 
Leading couple in Rubies (Part II of Jewels, music by I.Stravinsky, choreography by G. Balanchine) 
Kitri (Don Quixote) — debut on the Bolshoi Theatre tour to London 
1st Variation in Grand Pas 
(Don Quixote
Pas de trois in Emeralds, part in Rubies 
‘Girls’ (The Golden Age by D. Shostakovich, choreography by Y. Grigorovich) 
2nd variation in The Shadows (La Bayadere
Couple in Violet (Russian Seasons by L. Desyatnikov, choreography by A. Ratmansky) 
Variation, 2nd variation in Raimonda’s Dreams (Raymonda) 
Marie (Nutcracker

1st variation in The Shadows scene
 (La Bayadere
Friends to Prince (Swan Lake) — debut on the Bolshoi Theatre tour to Japan 
Mireille de Poitiers
 (The Flames of Paris) — debut on the Bolshoi Theatre tour to Japan 
Friends to Zina (
D. Shostakovich’s The Bright Stream, choreography by A. Ratmansky) 
Friends to Juliet (Romeo and Juliet by S. Prokofiev, choreography by A. Ratmansky) 
Komsomol Youth (Nureyev by I. Demutsky, choreography by Y. Possokhov, directed by K. Serebrennikov) — appeared in the opening night performance  
Chinese Doll 

Fairy of Sapphires 
(The Sleeping Beauty
Lidia Ivanovna (Anna Karenina to music by P. Tchaikovsky, A. Shnitke, Cat Stevens/ Yusuf Islam, choreography by J. Neumeier) 
Swanilda (Coppelia)  
Gamzatti (La Bayadere
Couple in Red (Forgotten Land to music by B. Britten, choreography by J. Kylián) 
Raymonda’s Daydreams scene (Raymonda) 
Guadalquivir, The Fisherman's Wife, The 1st Variation in Pas d'action (C. Pugni’s La Fille du Pharaon, choreography by P. Lacotte after M. Petipa)

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