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Opera ! PREMIERE ! Mozart W.A. "Magic flute" (opera in four acts)
World famous Bolshoi Ballet and Opera theatre (established 1776) - Small Stage

Schedule for ! PREMIERE ! Mozart W.A. "Magic flute" (opera in four acts) 2021-2022

Set Designer: Graham Vetches
Stage Director: Pol Brown
Choirmaster producer: Valery Borisov
Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Orchestra: Bolshoi Theatre Symphony Orchestra

Premiere of this production: 7 October 2005

Libretto: Emanuelya Shikanedera
Conductor: Stewart Bedford
Stage Designer: Graham Vetches
Set Designer: Пол Brown
Light Designer: Giuseppe di Iorio
Choirmaster producer: Valerie Borisov

Tsarina, who gives the light of stars, once upon a time there lived, whose force in the course of time was feeble. Then its daughter, Pamina, were stolen by powerful magician on the name Zarastro. This magician, who commanded by man- those dedicated, held girl in the imprisonment, hoping thus to save its peace from the destruction: indeed Pamine was intended give after itself that chosen - Tamino.
But tsarina found Tamino of the first. She saved it from the night nightmare and adjured to free their daughter from the authority Zarastro. After seeing the portrait Of paminy, Tamino it passionately fell in love with girl and obeyed its fate. To help the ladies from the formation of tsarina entrusted to it the flute, which possesses magic properties. But still ­ - indeed heroes usually do not travel singly - found Tamino of fellow-traveller, Papageno, uncommon person, similar to the bird, to whom the magic bells entrusted. Three boys indicated road to them.
Peace Zarastro is opened precisely by such, as tsarina described it. Of the innocences Of paminy is solicited her guarding Monostatos, and only unexpected appearance of strange of man- bird saves it from the lot, worse, than death.
Tamino meanwhile decisively continues that predetermined to it way. But encounter with one of the wise men koleblet its confidence. For the first time it is immersed in the dark of doubts. It no longer learns peace even he does not know, to what to believe...
Encounter with The the paminoy gives to entire to proceeding sense, it is asserted in its love for it. But Zarastro does not release it. To embrace Paminu Tamino will be able if and only if it will pass by the mortally dangerous tests, which must be overcome in order to become true dedicated.
Papageno it is released of the most difficult tests, but to find its ideal beloved, Papagenu, it it will be able having only satisfied the specified conditions - so it predicted. These words finally find sense for it, when it is close to the suicide. Before face of death it finds its second-half.
The forces of tsarina swiftly tayut, even stars around it no longer will shine - now it is simple the tsarina of night. In the desperation it penetrates the temple and, after learning, that Tamino joined its enemies, it entreats its dear daughter to kill Zarastro. Pamina is not capable of killing, but also consoling speech Zarastro does not convince it.
Once Tamino persistently excludes it from its life at the very crucial point, it decides to put an end to itself, but here it they save three boys. Assuring it in the love Tamino, they give it there, where it obediently prepares to appear before face of death. However, even here authority Zarastro is limited. Tamino learns from the doorkeepers, that the gods designed Pamine to undergo this testing together with it; it is also worthy this honor. With the aid of the magic flute of their vapor, merging into the united essence, gains victory. Equilibrium is restored.
Tsarina is ready to sell her daughter To monostatosu, if he helps her to put an end to the administration Zarastro. But its force of issyakli, it remained only loss.
Zarastro proclaims, that the night is devastated by the newly born sun rays. Time arrived to construct peace anew.

Schedule for ! PREMIERE ! Mozart W.A. "Magic flute" (opera in four acts) 2021-2022

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