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Ballet Show "Summer Seasons" by Russian National Ballet Theatre
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Classical Ballet Don Quixote. Moscow City Ballet
Moscow City Ballet

Running time: 2 hours 10 minutes

Schedule for Don Quixote. Moscow City Ballet 2021-2022

Composer: Ludwig Minkus
Stills: Elisaveta Dvorkina
Choreography: Marius Petipa
Artistic Director: Victor Smirnov-Golovanov
Choreography: Victor Smirnov-Golovanov
Libretto: Victor Smirnov-Golovanov
Orchestra: The Rakhmaninov Symphony Orchestra

Choreography: Marius Petipa, Alexander Gorsky, Rostislav Zakharov, Victor Smirnov-Golovanov

Performance by Moscow City Ballet



Don Quixote, a knight-errant from La Mancha, sets out together with his squire Sancho Panza to defend virtue and to punish all who violate the code of chivalry.


The crowd gathered in the village square is in holiday mood, and Kitri, the innkeeper’s daughter, is flirting with town barber, Basil, who is in love with her. Kitri’s father, Lorenzo, is opposed to the match as the barber is penniless, and he plans for her to marry Gamash, a pompous but wealthy nobleman. The crowd greets the arrival of a street dancer together with the famous toreador Espada, and they begin to dance. They are interrupted by the entry of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. Don Quixote mistakes the innkeeper for an important nobleman and treats him with great respect. He is invited into the inn to take refreshment. The dance in the square continues, and Kitri and Basil join in. The crowd cheers Kitri’s dance, and as Don Quixote catches sight of her, he mistakes her for the fair Dulcinea, the beautiful maiden who has haunted his dreams. He asks her to dance and is transported in his imagination to the Kingdom of the Dryads.

Don Quixote is surrounded by beautiful Dryads and Cupid and the Queen of the Dryads presents him to Kitri, who has assumed the form of his beloved Dulcinea. Don Quixote swears eternal love and faithfulness to her. Sancho Panza interrupts Don Quixote’s dreams, and the Dryads disappear. The excitement in the Town Square continues.

Don Quixote is still lost in his dreams, and falls asleep. He is found by a band of roaming gypsies, who lead him to his faithful companion Sancho Panza.


Evening falls in the town square, and Basil and Kitri’s friends come to her father’s inn. Basil makes fun of both Lorenzo and Don Quixote, and then pretends to stab himself. He begs as his dying wish that Lorenzo should bless his union with Kitri, and Don Quixote persuades him to agree to do this. After all, since the barber seems certain to die, what harm could there be in this? However, Basil immediately jumps to his feet, miraculously restored to life and the crowd resumes its merrymaking. Don Quixote and Sancho Panza leave the town to seek out further adventures.



Music For Ballets Fragment 1 Fragment 2

Schedule for Don Quixote. Moscow City Ballet 2021-2022

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