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Opera ! PREMIERE ! Sergey Prokofiev "War and Peace" (Opera in two acts)
World famous Bolshoi Ballet and Opera theatre (established 1776) - Small Stage

Schedule for ! PREMIERE ! Sergey Prokofiev "War and Peace" (Opera in two acts) 2021-2022

Composer: Sergei Prokofiev
Choirmaster producer: Valery Borisov
Light Designer: Damir Ismagilov
Set Designer: Ivan Popovskya
Stage Director: Aleksandr Borovskiy -Brodski
Costume Designer: Angelina Atlagich
Choreography: Ekaterina Mironova

Orchestra: Bolshoi Theatre Symphony Orchestra

Sergey Prokofiev’s libretto and the Mira Mmendel’son-Prokof’eva on the similar novel Leo Tolstoy
Set Designer - Ivan Popovski
Stage Director - Aleksandr Borovskiy -Brodski1
Costume Designer - Angelina Atlagich
Choirmaster producer - Valerie Borisov
Light Designer - Damir Ismagilov
Choreography - Ekaterina Mironov

Premier it took place on 9 December, 2005.

Action the first
Picture the first

spring 1809. Estate of the county leader of the graph of Rostov "gratifying". Prince Andrey Bolkonskiy, who arrived in Rostov in the tutorial matters, recalls the enormous old oak, which saw recently in the scaffolding. With the dry broken off branches, with the ragged crust stood it among the bright, young verdure of forest by "old, angry and contemptuous freak" and seemingly he would speak in its form: "spring, and love, and happiness!.. and as entire one and the same foolish and senseless fraud will not tire to you! There is neither spring nor sun nor happiness ". It seems prince Andrey that the happy time of youth passed, and to it it remains only "to live its life, without making evil, without having been disturbed and anything desiring".
Natasha Rostova, agitated by the beauty of spring night, also cannot fall asleep, and he does not give to sleep to its cousin to dormouse.
Prince Andrey recognizes the joyful- lively girl, to whom it focused attention in the daytime. "I again it! And as luck would have it!". To prince Andrey rushed a "groundless, spring feeling of happiness and renovation".

Picture Second

Moscow. On the eve of the new 1810 Natasha with the father and the relative by dormouse arrives to the ball in the Yekaterina grandee. This is her first ball. It seems Natasha dying from the agitation that no one notes it that it so not will dance. On the request of the friend of the growth of Pierre Bezukhov, who understands, which is created in the soul of Natashas, prince Andrey invites Natasha to the stage of waltz. It is enraptured by timid Grace this "entirely special" girl, the young ecstasy of Natashas increasingly its more draws.
It conjectured after waltz with Natashey unexpectedly for itself prince Andrey: "if it will approach before its cousin, and then to another lady, then it will be my wife". Natasha approaches the cousin.

Picture the third

Graph Rostov and Natasha, already the bride of prince Andrey, arrive with the first visit in old prince Bolkonskiy. Natasha believes that the old prince, after learning it nearer, will cease to oppose to the marriage of son on it, it will fall in love with it.
Old prince rejects to accept growth. To them leaves its daughter - princess Maria. Natasha is insulted to the tears by the coldness of princess, by the mockeries of the unexpectedly appearing herself old prince, by the confusion of her father. She does not want more to remain in Bolkonskiys’s house. As, Natasha sharply oshchushchayet never melancholy according to prince Andrey, who left on the insistence of the father before the wedding for yr abroad.

Picture the fourth

Graph Rostov, invited To natashey and To soney to the evening to Elen - to the wife of Pierre Bezukhov’s graph, "with the displeasure noted that all this society consisted predominantly of men even I will give, noted for the liberty of rotation".
Elen knows that Natasha - bride of prince Andrey, "one of the cleverest, educated and active young people", but he willingly helps its brother, dandy To anatolyu To kuraginu, to handle pretty growth, which it noted even on the new-year to ball. "the thought to bring together brother with Natashey amuses it".
After remaining in private with Natashey, Anatol’ is explained by it in the love and transfers the letter, in which it entreats to run with it. Natasha in the confusion. She feels itself "forever in that strange, reckless peace, so distant from the previous, in that peace, in which could not be known, that it is good, that it is bad, which is reasonable and that madly". Love for prince Andrey fights in its soul with the sudden enthusiasm By kuraginym.

Picture fifth

Anatol’ wants to secretly marry with Natashey and to drive away it abroad. Vainly attempts the friend Of anatolya - Dolokhov to persuade him to forego the dangerous undertaking: indeed Anatol’ is married, although almost no one knows about this. But Kuragin nothing sees further present minute.

Already podana coachman balagya’s troika, repeatedly served Kuraginu and To dolokhovu. Anatol’ says goodbye with the beauty- gypsy Matreshey and with its rakish life, without having forgotten - on the council of farsighted Dolokhova - to take away the gypsy has sable coat in order to muffle in it beglyanku.

The picture the sixth

in the front of Maria dmitriyevny’s house Akhrosimovoy, in which tyuey gostyat growth, worried Natasha with the impatience awaits Anatolya. It decided to run with it, after tearing without it was slave parents its pomolvku with prince Andrey. But the plan of theft becomes known To akhrosimovoy, and that arrived after Natashey Anatolya meet servants. Anatol’ runs away. Natasha in the desperation. Maria dmitriyevna is agitated by the behavior of Natashas and does not hide this from Pierre Bezukhov arrived at it with the visit.
Pierre, recently with its frightening agitation that relating to the bride of his friend, cannot understand, as Natasha I could be decided to this act. But when Pierre saw the sufferings of Natashas, understood, what pain caused to it information about the fact that Anatol’ was married, as its consciousness of its fault before prince Andrey torments, he in the impulse of pity, tenderness and love unexpectedly tells Natasha about its feeling to it.

Picture the seventh

In the office of the husband Of elen assumes guests. Entered Pierre requires that Anatol’ Of kuragin immediately would leave from Moscow. Frightened Anatol’ agrees to this requirement. To Pierre it is hateful his house, unnecessary to it wealth, measly people, which surround it. The friend of Pierre Vasiliy denisov brings information about the fact that Napoleon tightened troops to the Russian boundary.

Action the second

picture the eighth

The Borodino field before the battle. Troops pull. Lieutenant Colonel Denisov in field marshal Kutuzov’s searches meets prince Andrey and tells it about his plan of partisan actions in the rear of enemy. Encounter with The the denisovym, that once requested hand in fifteen year Natasha rostovoy, wakes up in prince Andrey glad and bitter recollections.
Pierre Bezukhov arrives in the battlefield, in order with its eyes to see battle. It distracts prince Andrey from the heavy thoughts about the break with Natashey, about death of father. "a new feeling of bitterness against the enemy forced him to forget their grief. It entire was devoted to the affairs of its regiment, it was thoughtful about its people and officers and it was affectionate with them. In its regiment they called our prince, they was proud of it and it they loved ". warmly welcomed by people appears field marshal Kutuzov. - wonderful, matchless people, says Kutuzov. - beast will be to death injured by whole Russian force, will be banished from our sacred earth. Borodino battle begins.

Picture the ninth

Napoleon, surrounded by marshals, from the Shevardin’s redoubt controls the motion of battle. In its dreams it already sees subjugated Moscow, deputation, with the keys from the great city, that arrived at it. But communications about the killed and injured Generals come instead of the glad information about the victory from all sides, one after another the messengers of French military leaders request in Napoleon reinforcements. Napoleon is nervous. - first, nothing of the kind, are discussed marshals. - first, nothing of the kind, says Napoleon, recalling the success of its previous battles. - troops the same, Generals the same, 4 the same itself, even are much more experimental. But why the terrible stroke of my hand does not give victory?

Picture the tenth

is the session of military council under field marshal Kutuzov’s management in Filyakh. To accept battle with Napoleon under the walls of Moscow or to step back for Moscow in order to preserve army, to prepare counterattack and by the fact to ensure victory? After listening different opinions, Kutuzov returns the order: for retaining the army, for the good of the fatherland - to step back. Kutuzov it is solidly confident, that the great Russian people will conquer enemy.

Picture Eleventh

Abandoned By inhabitants Moscow. Deputation with the keys from the city so was not to Napoleon. Pierre remaining himself in Moscow wants "to meet Napoleon and to kill him in order either to perish or to end the misfortune of entire Europe". Pierre learns from house manager and maid of growth, that they are growth they left from Moscow. The injured, who stopped themselves in their house, left on the insistence of Natashas with the growth. They hide from Natasha, that among the injured - prince Andrey.
In Moscow the first fires begin: never Moscow will incline the chapter before the enemy. It will here find its ruin. French soldiers introduce the group of Muscovites, accused of the arson, among them Pierre and Plato karatayev - sick soldier, undertaken by Frenchmen from the hospital. On marshal Davout’s order the Frenchmen shoot several Russians. Karatayev Tries To calm down Shaken Bezukhov: "Moscow, it to cities mother... Yes worm cabbage to glozhe, and itself before that propadaye: such a one old men said ". Fire burns. Muscovites sympathetically surround the run away from the hospital mentally deranged. In panic the artists of French theater pass. Napoleon appears, he is struck proceeding.

Picture the twelfth

at the rural cottage lies heavily ranennyy to prince Andrey. Its anxiety for the fate of the fatherlands, Moscow, thought about Natasha they pour out into the delirium. When Andrey sees entering the cottage Natasha, he assumes it for one of his visions. But, after ascertaining that before it "living, present" Natasha, prince Andrey does not hide her love for it. Happy and suffering Natasha requests prince Andrey to forgive it. "love mixes death... Love to eat life."

Picture the thirteenth

Frenchmen step back. Field marshal Kutuzov arrives in the conquered Russian people. Kutuzov congratulates all on the victory: - enemy is broken... I thank all for the difficult service. Russia is rescued!

Schedule for ! PREMIERE ! Sergey Prokofiev "War and Peace" (Opera in two acts) 2021-2022

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