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The Russian State Chamber "Vivaldi Orchestra" (Orchestra)

“Vivaldi Orchestra” is a well-known Russian group under Svetlana Bezrodnaya. The prototype for it was the orchestra of the women‘s conservatoire in San-Pieta, Venezia, under the great Italian maestro Antonio Vivaldi.

“Antonio Vivaldi was not an ordinary man. He was not only a priest but a man of progressive views.” Svetlana Bezrodnaya adds: “He was a padre and a professor of music. Unfortunately, compositions that he wrote for young women playing in his orchestra were never performed on any stage. I wanted to create a women‘s orchestra and materialize the design of the great maestro.”

“Vivaldi Orchestra” comprises 18 charming women who play violin, viola, cello and even double bass. On the stage they wear fancy dresses which remind audiences of the time of Vivaldi. Annually the orchestra gives over 100 concerts; musicians made many recordings and prepared several compact discs. A pleasant surprise for the admirers of the orchestra was a new album prepared jointly with the “Russky sezon”, or Russian season, company. It comprises classical miniatures and popular tangoes of the 20th century. The artistic leader of the orchestra Svetlana Bezrodnaya explains: “Our repertoire is broad: we play music of various styles and epoches. The selection of compositions is not casual. Tango is a unique stratum in musical culture. My attitude to tango is special. Tango reminds me of my parent’s life. I devoted to them and all people of their generation one of the album’s discs. We have recorded wonderful music of Alexander Vertinsky, Oskar Strok, Leonid Utesov and other popular authors of the mid-20th century. In their music there is everything—a whirl of passions, love and tenderness.”

Svetlana Bezpodnaya graduated from the violin department of the Moscow Coservatoire. In 1989 she created and headed the “Vivaldi Orchestra” which toured many countries of the world. Her artistic interests are versatile. Say, she was an artistic director of art festivals devoted to world-famous choreographers Igor Moiseyev and Valdimir Vasiliyev.

The new album of the “Vivaldi Orchestra” comprises compositions of Strauss, Corelli, Kreisler and Mozart, Svetlana Bezrodnaya‘s favourite composer. By the way, music of this classic is among her recent discoveries. This is what she says: “At concerts my orchestra plays ‘Magic Flute’ which Mozart did not compose for the opera stage. This is a kind of suite on operatic themes arranged by Mozart himself for an orchestra. I unexpectedly found sheet music of this composition in the Russian State Library. I was the first to perform that charming music at concerts.” The premire of Mozart‘s unusual composition took place in the Big Hall of the Moscow Conservatoire, later it was performed during the orchestra’s tours in Germany, Austria, Finland and the United States.

Svetlana Bezrodnaya and her orchestra do not give only concerts, among their new projects are theatre performances involving the orchestra, ballet dancers, jazzmen and actors. Svetlana Bezrodnaya is acting as a stage director of the performance. This is what she says: “I want the audience to percieve verses, choreography and everything that happens on the stage through music. And what matters most, I want to get the audience involved in the world that I create on the stage. We love those who come to our performances and concerts; for them we play and act.”

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