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Ballet Show "Summer Seasons" by Russian National Ballet Theatre
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Opera "Jenufa" opera in three acts by Leos Janacek
Brilliant Classical Stanislavsky Ballet and Opera theatre (established 1887, founded by Stanislavsky)

Running time: 3 hours (till 22:00)

The performance has 2 intermissions

Schedule for "Jenufa" opera in three acts by Leos Janacek 2021-2022

Composer: Leos Janacek
Light Designer: Damir Ismagilov
Designer: Vladimir Arefiev
Director: Alexander Titel
Conductor: Eugeny Brazhnik
Chorus Master: Stanislav Lykov

Orchestra: Stanislavsky theatre symphony orchestra
Opera company: Stanislavsky opera

Opera in 3 acts

Performed in Russian


Music Leoš Janáček
Libretto Leoš Janáček
Music Director and Conductor Evgeny Brazhnik
Stage Director Alexander Titel
Choreographer Larisa Alexandrova
Set Designer Vladimir Arefiev
Costume Designer Elena Stepanova
Lighting Designer Damir Ismagilov
Principal Chorus Master Stanislav Lykov
World premiere: January 21, 1904National Theatre, Brno
Russian premiere: June 28, 1958
State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, Novosibirsk
Premiere at the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko
Moscow Academic Music Theatre: February 28, 2018

"Jenůfa" requires from the performer an unfailing sense for truthfulness. Sometimes this is just necessary to "cleanse" the inner "acting machine". Here every note and every word are full of supreme veracity. Strong emotions and clashes of people who are simple, not overly tainted with knowledge, but passionate in their feelings and sympathies. A perfectly biblical character of the female protagonist who has greatly suffered. At the end of the story, Jenůfa has come from being a simple wench, going mad with anguish about her pregnancy, to supreme forgiveness. She is like a Czech Madonna. How strong are the female characters in this opera!

Here you cannot cheat or get away by means of shallow, superficial acquaintance with the subject. The performers – and not only them – need to regularly "clean the electrical points", lest they oxidise or rust, so that electricity may flow through them... Of course, the parts of Jenůfa, Kostelnička, Laca are written rather mercylessly towards the singers, with big leaps throughout the vocal range. Often the characters are in a somewhat overexcited state, they "speak" raising their voices, almost screaming. This requires voice as well as controle and mastery. Having artists in the company who are able to do this is an argument of utmost importance for choosing this opera. We all wish for a worthy result – and for the audiences to fall in love with "Jenůfa".
Alexander Titel



Jenůfa, step-daughter to a devout woman called Kostelnička, is loved by her cousin Števa and his half-brother Laca. Jenůfa, pregnant with Števa’s child, is afraid for him to be taken to war before they wed. Rich Števa buys his way out of the military service, but has no intention to take Jenůfa as his wife. In vain Laca tries to get Jenůfa’s consent to marry. Having been refused, in a fit of jealousy, he cuts Jenůfa’s face.

Jenůfa gives birth to a son. To avoid any rumours, Kostelnička hides her step-daughter and the newborn. In vain she tries to persuade Števa to marry Jenůfa. He shows no interest in his former lover. He has found himself a rich bride – Karolka, daughter to a village elder. Kostelnička gives Jenůfa a sleeping drink and while Jenůfa is asleep, throws the baby into an ice-hole. When Jenůfa wakes up, she is told that the child died of illness.

Jenůfa agrees to a marriage with Laca. Števa and Karolka are among the wedding guests. In that moment, it is revealed that there has been found a child’s body. The crowd is about to attack Jenůfa. Kostelnička confesses to the crime. Karolka, having learned that Števa was the father of the child, refuses the groom. Laca and Jenůfa stay together.

Schedule for "Jenufa" opera in three acts by Leos Janacek 2021-2022

Premiere of "Jenufa" by Leos Janacek
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"Jenufa" opera in a three acts by Leos Janacek

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