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05 December 2022 (Mon), 19:00 World famous Bolshoi Ballet and Opera theatre (established 1776) - Small Stage - Tours of the Yakut Opera and Ballet Theater Opera Mark Zhirkov "Nyurgun Boothur Swift" Opera in four acts

Schedule for Mark Zhirkov "Nyurgun Boothur Swift" Opera in four acts 2022

Opera in 4 acts

To the centenary of the Yakut ASSR Sakha Opera Ballet presents

Yakut heroic epic - olonkho

Olonkho is the most valuable monument of the spiritual culture of the Yakut people. It expresses the dreams and ideals of the Yakuts, reflects their life and struggle. The struggle for their native land, for the existence of their people, gave rise to a patriotic impulse among storytellers (olonkhosuts) and contributed to their colorful glorification of the exploits of the ancient heroes. The chanting of the flowering earth, the eternal sun, the freedom and courage of people formed the basis of the heroic epic olonkho. Therefore, he embodied the hopes and aspirations of the working masses striving for a happy life. Olonkho - poetic legends, vast in size and harmonious in form, have developed and live in the memory of the people, passing from generation to generation. The Yakut people, who had no written language in the past, invested all their best aspirations, dreams and aspirations in oral creativity. The olonkho style is characterized by fiction, fairy-tale fantasy, mythological motifs, and hyperbolization. Olonkho is distinguished by an abundance of plots, monumentality of images, perfection of forms, richness of language. In terms of genre, it is difficult to attribute olonkho to any specific type of literature - it is so original, original in content and in form and in the nature of performance. In olonkho there is no concrete display of historical events and heroes. Its historical character lies only in the general reflection of life, customs, geographical environment. The main characters of epic poems are portrayed as fighters against evil and violence, for the triumph of good. Their heroic deeds are directed against the troubles and monsters that threaten their people, themselves. They do not seek to seize other people's property and to power over people, but on the contrary, they want them to be happy and enjoy life. The plot of the olonkho is based on the struggle of the bogatyrs "aiyy" (literally, the tribes of creation), inhabiting the Middle World, with all the destroying monsters of the Lower World. The middle world in the view of the Yakuts is a land where the sun always shines, summer lasts forever, there is no cold winter, there are no nights. All nature is alive and spiritualized. In the center of the earth rises the mighty tree of life "Aal Luuk", created for the benefit of all living on earth. A wonderful tree connects all three worlds of the universe. Its top reaches the heavens, the roots go down to the disastrous Lower World, from where, frightened of dirt and decay, they turn upwards, and, having reached the surface of the earth, they beat with milky springs. Life-giving moisture drips from the branches of the tree, which is generously bestowed on people by the benevolent mistress - his spirit - Aan Eskel-Khotun. This tree is a bright image of earthly grace, happiness and abundance.

Schedule for Mark Zhirkov "Nyurgun Boothur Swift" Opera in four acts 2022

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