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02 November 2019 (Sat), 19:00 World famous Bolshoi Ballet and Opera theatre (established 1776) - Marvellous Main (Historic) Stage - Stars of the Stars  Modern Ballet Ilya Demutsky "Nureyev" Ballet in two acts Tickets available only at

Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes (till 21:30)

The performance has 1 intermission

Schedule for Ilya Demutsky "Nureyev" Ballet in two acts 2020

Tenor: Maxim Paster
Dancer: Alexander Volchkov
Dancer: Yan Godovsky
Mezzo-soprano: Svetlana Shilova
Dancer: Denis Savin
Dancer: Egor Khromushin
Conductor: Anton Grishanin
Dancer: Kristina Kretova
Dancer: Igor Tsvirko
Dancer: Ivan Alexeyev
Dancer: Karim Abdullin
Dancer: Alexander Vodopetov
Dancer: Dmitry Umnikov
Dancer: Xenia Averina
Dancer: Victoria Yakusheva
Dancer: Nelli Kobakhidze
Dancer: Xenia Zhiganshina
Dancer: Olga Kishnyova
Dancer: Alexei Putintsev
Dancer: Daria Khokhlova
Dancer: Artur Mkrtchyan
Dancer: Anton Savichev
Dancer: Maxim Surov
Dancer: Dmitry Dorokhov
Dancer: Dmitry Efremov
Dancer: Evgeny Golovin
Dancer: Alexander Smoliyaninov
Dancer: Ana Turazashvili
Dancer: Georgy Gusev
Dancer: Maria Mishina
Dancer: Olga Marchenkova
Dancer: Alexei Matrakhov
Dancer: Yegor Sharkov
Principal Dancer: Yulia Stepanova
Dancer: Alyona Kovalyova
Dancer: Daria Bochkova
Dancer: Eleonora Sevenard
Dancer: Bruna Cantanhede Gaglianone
Dancer: Angelina Vlashinets
Dancer: Marfa Fyodorova
Dancer: Batyr Annadurdyev
Dancer: Mikhail Kemenov
Dancer: Yulia Skvortsova
Actor: Vladimir Koshevoy
Dancer: Andrei Koshkin
Dancer: Anton Gaynutdinov
Dancer: Ivan Filchev
Dancer: Sergei Zakharov
Dancer: Sergei Kuzmin
Dancer: Oxana Sharova
Dancer: Ilya Artamonov
Countertenor : Vladimir Magomadov
Dancer: Ilya Vladimirov
Dancer: Alexandra Trikoz
Dancer: Evgeny Triposkiadis
Dancer: Fuad Mamedov

Director: Kirill Serebrennikov
Choreography: Yuri Possokhov
Music Director: Anton Grishanin
Composer: Ilya Demutsky
Costume Designer: Yelena Zaytseva
Light Designer: Alexander Sivaev

Ballet company: Bolshoi Ballet
Orchestra: Bolshoi Theatre Symphony Orchestra

Modern Ballet in 2 act

World premiere: 11 July 2017, Bolshoi theatre, Moscow, Russia
Premiere of this production: 9 December 2017, Bolshoi theatre, Moscow, Russia

World premiere of Ilya Demutsky "Hero of Our Time", choreographed by Yuri Posokhova and directing Kirill Serebrennikov, held at the Bolshoi Theatre in the 239th season, the expected audience success, critical acclaim and the title of best ballet performance of "Golden Mask" National Theatre Award. Two years later, the same team of authors present a new world premiere of the ballet dedicated to the fate of the legendary dancer Ilya Nureyev.

Rudolf Khametovich Nureyev was a Soviet ballet dancer and choreographer. He was director of the Paris Opera Ballet from 1983 to 1989 and its chief choreographer until October 1992.

Named Lord of the Dance, Rudolf Nureyev is regarded as one of ballet's most gifted male dancers.

In addition to his technical prowess, Rudolf Nureyev was an accomplished choreographer. He produced his own interpretations of numerous classical works, including Swan Lake, Giselle, and La Bayadère.

Rudolf Nureyev had his early career with the Mariinsky Ballet in St. Petersburg. He defected from the Soviet Union to the West in 1961, despite KGB efforts to stop him. This was the first defection of a Soviet artist during the Cold War and it created an international sensation.

He went on to dance with The Royal Ballet in London and from 1983 to 1989 served as director of the Paris Opera Ballet.


Adults only


Act I 

 The Auction
After Rudolf Nureyev’s death his property is being auctioned in New York and Paris. Each of the items on display contains a part of the great dancer’s life. 

Rossi Street 

Nureyev’s studying at the Vaganova Ballet School in Leningrad, his graduation concert, his early career at the Kirov Theatre. Nureyev’s success goes hand in hand with constant denunciations, both at home and during tours abroad. 

A Leap to Freedom 
Paris. After his legendary ‘leap to freedom’ Nureyev is left alone. His childhood memories entwine with the uncertainty that awaits him. 
Nureyev meets the Parisians and tries to imitate their behaviour – to move like free people do. 
He is fascinated by the dances of men in drag in the Bois de Boulogne. 

A Letter to Rudi. The pupil 
Nureyev’s pupils and colleagues – Charles Jude, Manuel Legris, Laurent Hilaire – remember him as an artist, as their friend, as an important part of their lives and the entire human history. 

The Portrait. Rudimania 

Nureyev’s photo session with the famous Richard Avedon in the latter’s studio. Avedon gets the dancer to behave as natural as possible. 
Nureyev is admired by all and stalked by paparazzi. The high society is enraptured by his provocative behavior. 

Dance and mutual passion unite Nureyev and Erik. 

Act II 

Grand Gala 

Worldwide triumph. Partners change, roles change, music changes – only the great and inimitable Nureyev stays the same. 
He isn’t going to let anyone take his place. 

A Letter to Rudi. The diva 
The great ballerinas, Nureyev’s partners – Alla Osipenko and Natalia Makarova – address him through time and eternity that lie between them. 

Le Roi Soleil 
Nureyev reigns like the Sun King, enjoying the exquisite singing and sensual paintings. 

The Island 
Beneath the gorgeous outfit of the Sun King there is a lonely Pierrot devoured by disease. 

The Shadows 
Nureyev is not only a dancer and a choreographer: he becomes a conductor too. 
He stages La Bayadère, his last production. But he is surrounded not only by the legendary Shadows. 
The music stops. Nureyev keeps conducting the silence.

Schedule for Ilya Demutsky "Nureyev" Ballet in two acts 2020

«Nureyev» ballet (premiere)
About This Video
December, 9 «Nureyev» ballet by composer Ilya Demutsky, choreography by Yuri Possokhov and directing by Kirill Serebrennikov premiered on the Historic stage of the Bolshoi.

What means «Nureyev» for its creators, what feelings were experienced by Vladislav Lantratov and what thinks Svetlana Zakharova about hard work on the stage – in our new video!

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