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Ballet Show "Summer Seasons" by Russian National Ballet Theatre
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25 May 2021 (Tue), 19:00 Brilliant Classical Stanislavsky Ballet and Opera theatre (established 1887, founded by Stanislavsky) - ! PREMIERE ! Modern Ballet Ballet Evening: "Variations", "Petite Mort", "Duets"

Running time: 2 hours 25 minutes (till 21:25)

The performance has 2 intermissions

Schedule for Ballet Evening: "Variations", "Petite Mort", "Duets" 2021

Composer: Georges Bizet
Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Choreography: Vladimir Burmeister
Composer: Jules Massenet
Choreography: Jiri Kylian
Composer: Anton Arensky

Orchestra: Stanislavsky theatre symphony orchestra
Ballet company: Stanislavsky ballet

Premiere of this production: 3 November 2020, Brilliant Classical Stanislavsky Ballet and Opera theatre

This ballet evening is a dialogue about the complexity and diversity of human relationships, their ups and downs. It is built in development: from the white "Variations" of the Burmeister to the black-and-white Kilian, and further - to the colored variety of "Duets".

The first movement is “Variations” by Vladimir Burmeister to music by Georges Bizet. Everything, of course, begins with the poet's romantic dream about the ideal woman - the Beautiful Lady.

Vladimir Burmeister: “This is, as the French say,“ ballet of white tutus ”. Before the main character - the Poet (the only male role in the play), there are images drawn by his imagination, among them the most intimate - the image of a beloved woman. "

Further - “Petite Mort” by Jiří Kilian, where “men's hands flutter with petals between women's legs; the legs of the partners close-open in languid babbling; bodies scream, sigh and groan "(T. Kuznetsova," Kommersant "). The French call the "Petite Mort" the orgasm, the culmination of the merging of two forces, love and destruction.

Laurent Hilaire: "The ingenious Kilian penetrates so deeply into the music of Mozart that we cease to understand: either the choreography becomes music, or the music penetrates the dancers' bodies."

And finally, "Duets". Not traditional pas de deux, namely the dialogues between Men and Women composed by Roland Petit (Thais), Rudolph Nureyev (Cinderella), Edward Klug (Radio and Juliet), Mauro Bigonzetti (Cantata), Vladimir Varnava (Keep Calm), Robert Bondara (Take Me With You), Maxim Sevagin (Romeo and Juliet). Fragments from the works of choreographers of the XX-XXI centuries, united by one theme, complete the ballet evening.

Schedule for Ballet Evening: "Variations", "Petite Mort", "Duets" 2021

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