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Ballet Show "Summer Seasons" by Russian National Ballet Theatre
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The Moscow State Chamber Choir (Choir)

The Moscow State Academic Chamber Choir was founded in 1972 by Artistic Manager and Chief Conductor, People’s Artist of the USSR, USSR State Prize Laureate, Professor Vladimir Minin who is at the head of the Choir up till now.

The Choir was born as antipode to official formal execution. There created a group capable to be collective “EGO” in its intercourse with audience, that is able to talk as outstanding personality while recounting about own feelings, events endured by the People, about its dreams and ideals, about concealed and significant matters.

Absolute feeling of harmony and dynamism of the modern world are peculiar to artistic temper of the Group.

World-wide known singers—Obraztcova, Arkhipova, Vedernikov, Sotkilava, Nesterenko appear with the Choir. The best Russian conductors—Fedoseyev, Spivakov, Pletnev, Sondetckys perform with the Group.

There are no composers in Russian choral music whose things wouldn’t be performed by the Choir. The repertoire of the Choir is very diverse. It consists of Russian classic music things (Rakhmaninov, Tchaikovskiy, Musorgskiy), Western-European classic (Bach, Mozart, Brams, Vivaldy), Russian folklore. Except a’capella things the Choir performs big-form works with an orchestra accompaniment as well as takes part in the opera productions—“Masked-Ball” by Verdy, “Iolanta” by Tchaikovskiy, “Bohemia” by Putchinni.

The spirit of the Group is not only in original and irreproachable manner of execution but also in fact that this particular Choir was the first during “the great stagnation” period revived the music of “prohibited composers” such as Chesnokov, Strumskiy, Grechaninov. The touring route of the Group ran through many countries and continents. Only for the last past years the Choir went on a tour to the USA, Switzerland (Zurich, Berne, Basel, Lucerne), Austria (Vena, Bregentze), Germany (Berlin, Kassel, Munich, Frankfurt, Potsdam), China (Pekin, Shanghai), Japan, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Italy.

For the time of creative work the Group was awarded many prizes including the title “Academic”. In 1999 Moscow and All Rus’ Patriarch Alexiy II for great creative merits and highest spirituality awarded V.N.Minin in honor of his 70th anniversary with sculpture of Holy Grand Duke Vladimir.

For the past years the Choir recorded 8 compact disks at such big Recording Companies as “Deutche Gramophone”, “Mazur Media”, “Eurodisk”, “Melodia”, and English Company NVC issued video cassettes with recording of Russian Church Music in the execution of The Moscow State Academic Chamber Choir.

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