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Vladimir Kornev (Composer)

Vladimir Kornev was born in 1926. During the World War П performed with the front ensembles as a bayanist, a kind of accordion player. Such famous experts of the Russian Folklore as Shalaev, Kuznetsov, Lukinovski were the teachers of V. Kornev.

V. Kornev wrote his first music “The Volga Quadrille" in 1954. It is republished till nowadays and has become the basic work, which play every bayan (accordion) player.

From 1954 till 1966 V. Kornev worked hard and fruitfully with the well-known Dance Company "Berezka". The music to mane dances was written with the corporation with N. Nadegdina: “The Bachelors”, "The Merry-go-round", "The Russian Souvenir" and etc.

In 1967 V. Kornev began to work with The Krasnoyarsk dance company of the Siberian Dance, for which several short ballets were created in different times: "We are going to the fair", "His mother-in-law had 7 sons-in-law" and etc. Then he worked with "The Moscow Ice Ballet", "The Don Cossack Dance Company".

Vladimir Kornev was one of the main composers of the Olympic Games’80 which took place in Moscow.

There have been a few works created by Vladimir Kornev recently for the theatre “Gzhel”, he continues to work with the Krasnoyarsk Ensemble of Siberia. In 1974 Vladimir Kornev was given the honorary title “The Honored Artist of Russia”. There have been published 4 collections and more than 150 works of Vladimir Kornev.

For more than 190 years Vladimir Kornev, a famous folk composer, the Honored Artist of Russia and the knight of the Friendship Decoration has been closely working with “The National Ballet “Kostroma”. Vladimir Kornev is the composer of the music to “The National Russian Show”.

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