July 5, 2006


"Summer Ballet Seasons" opened on the stage of the Russian Academic Youth Theatre (Teatralnaya Ploschad, Dom 2). This year "Summer Ballet Seasons" is celebrating its first jubilee- five years. Created and organized by the well-known agency "ConsArta", the "Summer Ballet Seasons" is one of the most exciting cultural events in Moscow, which has in the last five years enchanted both Muscovites and guests of the capital alike. It is symbolic that the Russian National Ballet Theatre 's production of Swan Lake opened the season. Vladimir Moiseev, soloist with the Bolshoi Theatre and grandson of the legendary Igor Moiseev directs the troupe. The troupe is already widely known in the West, and "Summer Ballet Seasons" is almost the only possibility to become acquainted with their art in Russia. After all the experimental and avant-garde productions of Swan Lake over the last few years, what a delight to become engrossed in the classical choreography of Petipa, Ivanov, Gorskii and Messerer! The production produced a number of pleasant impressions. Natalya Kungurtzeva, who danced the roles of Odette and Odille, demonstrated her astonishing mastery in her portrayal of the two polar-opposite characters, and the Prince's dance, performed by Valerii Shumilov was focused and inspired. Hasan Usmanov was a magical and virtuosic Jester, showing off his effortless jumps.

Musicians from one of Moscow 's finest orchestras, The Moscow Symphony Orchestra, directed by Vladimir Ziva, were invited to perform.
The project was conceived in 2001 in order to solve an eternal problem of tourists- the Moscow theatres close their doors for the summer to tour abroad, making it impossible for foreign guests to properly enjoy Russian cultural life. The 'seasons" have turned into one of the most notable cultural events in Moscow.