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Tchaikovsky Concert Hall
On wealth of history and degree of significance for the Russian culture MGAF, perhaps, there are no equal. Beginning from 1921, the philharmonic society, based on the initiative Of a. Lunacharskiy, became the main concert organization of the country. With the phenomenal productivity it fulfilled kul‘turtregerskuyu function, giving the possibility to musicians to create for the public, and to music lovers - to attend the concerts of the deserving. Even before the war philharmonic society presented to the country whole pleiad of the bright musicians, among them - Otto Klemperer, Herman abendrot, Artur Rubenstein, Yasha Heifetz, Marian Anderson, Darius miyo, Artur Honegger, bel Bartok, David oystrakh, Emil gilel‘s, Svyatoslav knushevitskiy, Yakov Flier, Mikhail fikhtengol‘ts et al. Philharmonic society came out as the initiator of All-Union competitions - performing musicians and conductors. In 1940 the hall im. p. I was opened. Tschaikovsky.
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